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Ethnic minorities’ traditional values find place in schools

Schools in Cao Loc district in northern Lang Son province have included a range of extra-curricular activities on ethnic minority groups’ traditional performances and games.

Wooden sculptures play key roles in life and death

The province's Bahnar and Jrai ethnic groups' Pơ Thi or Bỏ Mả ceremony is held one to three years after someone dies to ask for the dead's permission to let the living move the corpse to a new tomb.

Traditional ceremony marks coming of age

The ceremony has been held for hundreds of years, honouring the principles of marriage, family happiness and uniting people in their family and community.

“Xong Dat” – A cherished Lunar New Year tradition

Passing down through generations and continued with equal enthusiasm today, “Xong dat” (first footing), a Tet tradition in Vietnam, has always been associated with hopes for a fruitful year ahead.

Young people dread Tet

Many young Vietnamese people dread Tet due to nosy parents and relatives or patronising neighbours asking intrusive questions about their careers or love lives.

To be civilized, Vietnamese should stop eating dog meat!

After VietNamNet published the story about dogmeat, we have received a lot of opinions from readers, part of whom objected to the French visitor while the rest didn’t. Below are the opinions of the latter group.

The culture of betel and areca

In the spiritual life of the Vietnamese people, chewing betel is not only a habit and a custom but also an element of the traditional cultural values.

Dragon dances

In Asian culture, dragons are considered sacred animals, which have extraordinary powers and are the symbols of luck and good omens.

Top 10 taboos during Vietnamese Tet

For Vietnamese people, Tet is a wonderful occasion for family reunion but certain things must not be done during this festive season.