VietNamNet Bridge - It can be said that the dishes that diners eat at dog meat restaurants are soaked with the pain of both men and dogs. Perhaps dog meat will last forever in Vietnam but the operation of this industry is tinged with suffering and cruelty.

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A man is cleaning a dog cage in Son Dong village, Thanh Hoa province.

In the countryside, almost all households have lost one or two dogs. Some families have lost up to 10 dogs over the years.

Several dog thefts were beaten to death and recently those who chased dog thieves were killed by the thieves.

In a dog trading facility in Son Dong village, in Thanh Loc commune, Hau Loc district of Thanh Hoa province, we witnessed dogs being pumped with food to gain weight before sale.

A person held a pliers of about a meter and a half long. He looked to see the dogs with a flat stomach and then used the pliers to catch the dog to pull it to a pump, which looked like a water pump but was much bigger.

Two people kept the dog on his back, and put a tube into its mouth.

Another man stood on a chair, pushing down a pipe of around two meters to pump food into the dog’s stomach.

When it was done, the dog was put into a cage. On the floor was food vomited out by the poor dog, which is considered very loyal to man.

For farmers, dogs are a big source of income.

Mrs. Thu, 78, in Thuong Son commune, Do Luong district, Nghe An said she sold four dogs a year, earning VND3.6 million ($180), and this is an important source of income.

Consumption of dog meat in Vietnam is huge. Each day, there are many trucks carrying dogs from Son Dong Village to other provinces in the northern region.

A small dog-slaughtering facility serves dog meat restaurants in Tay Mo, Tu Liem district, Hanoi. Another one supplies dog meat to the Trung My Tay market in Saigon, slaughtering from 20 to 70 dogs/day.

There are dog-slaughtering facilities in every district in Vietnam.

As a source of income and a popular food, calling for not eating dog meat is an utopian ideal.

The significant issue here is how to "eat", rather than eat or not eat dog meat.

Society cannot accept the operation of several illegal factors in purchasing dogs and the cruel treatment of animals before slaughter, because evil actions against animals is the premise to do evil to humans.

Some pictures of the utterly miserable dogs at Son Dong village:




This man is cleaning thing vomitted by dogs after they were pumped with food before being sold.






 Dogs vomit after they were pumped with food.





 These dogs will be sold to dog meat restaurants in northern provinces.











 Dogs with scratches on the body are those that caught by dog thieves.






Dog meat sold in the market of Trung My Tay, HCM City. 




Doan Bao Chau