Liu Ming Yang (centre), head of the trans-national drug trafficking ring, and three others have been arrested in HCM City


The four are Liu Ming Yang (born in 1985), Jhu Minh Jyun (born in 1987), Nguyen Thi Thu Van (born in 1983) from Taiwan, and Su Jia Mei (born in 1986) from China. They were arrested in different places in Ho Chi Minh City on May 11.

During the raids, the police seized 500kg of meth, one car, four packaging machines and other exhibits.

According to the police, Liu is the head of the trans-national drug trafficking ring that transported drugs to Vietnam and camouflaged in other goods before shipping to a third country by sea.

Liu asked Jhu to hire a warehouse in Binh Tan district, which was then moved to Binh Chanh district. Jhu was arrested while using a car to transport the drugs to the new warehouse. Van, Jhu’s girl friend, and Su, the interpreter of Jhu, assisted him in hiring the warehouse.


 Nearly 500 kilograms of ketamine is found on a car


The case is under further investigation.

Meanwhile, the border guard force in the northern mountainous province of Dien Bien also arrested two suspects transporting eight bricks of heroin (nearly 3kgs).

The duo, Va A Chu (born in 1994) and Va A Nu (born in 2000), both residing in Ka Hau hamlet, Na U commune, Dien Bien district of Dien Bien province, confessed that they received the drugs from a man called Phing in Phongsaly province of Laos to deliver to an unknown man at a bus station in Dien Bien for 40 million VND.

Authorities are investing the case.-VNA