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 The Ministry of Transport has instructed relevant agencies to closely monitor fees charged by carriers to ensure the decrease in fuel prices is factored in.

High air transport fees stymie fruit exports

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam hopes it can export $2 billion worth of fresh fruit this year, but analysts doubt the goal is attainable, as high air transport fees have made it difficult to penetrate foreign markets.

Transport costs in Vietnam highest in the world

VietNamNet Bridge - Transport and warehouse costs in Vietnam account for 21 percent of product value.

Low-income earners burdened by high fees

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese now have to spend 21.4 percent of their total monthly living expenses, according to Numbeo, the database on living costs.

Road transport getting more expensive, railway and waterway inconvenient

 VietNamNet Bridge – As road transport grows more costly, businesses are wringing their hands because of the lack of alternatives. The movement of goods by railways and waterways, they say, still offer no viable competition to land transport.