The ministry delegated CAAV to provide information about carriers’ flight ticket prices to press agencies and measures on solving existing problems.

There is a scarcity of tickets for flights from provinces and cities to HCMC, leading to the overpricing of airfares due to the growing demand for travel of people these days.

Travelers have complained about prices for flights on the Hanoi-HCMC route that have risen up VND6 -9 million (US$263 - US$394), and airfare of flights from Vinh to HCMC is more than VND6 million.

CAAV has given permission to carriers to increase their number of flights to meet increasing travel demand during the upcoming Tet holidays several times.

Accordingly, the total number of seats of 13,400 flights departed from January 23 to February 16 was 2.85 million. On January 2, CAAV decided to add more flights, raising the total number of flights to 15,300 featuring 3.2 million seats.

On February 7, CAAV has continuously given a nod to airlines to provide 250 additional flights connecting northern and central localities and Southern provinces and cities.


Source: SGGP

Air tickets expected to be cheaper once regular air routes reopen

Air tickets expected to be cheaper once regular air routes reopen

The reopening of international air routes, slated for January 1, will give more opportunities for passengers to fly to Vietnam.