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Experts have said that once the COVID-19 pandemic ends, higher market demand would support many sectors in quickly resuming their business.

Vietnam ensures tourist safety amid coronavirus

Tourism agencies based in Hanoi have been asked to cancel tours to areas affected by novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and refuse tourists from those affected zones.

Rise of ride-hailing firms against traditional taxis is inevitable in Vietnam: PM

Such trend would help better meet transportation needs at more affordable prices, ensuring convenience, safety and improving service quality of both taxis and electronic-contract based vehicles, stated Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc.

Private school transportation comes to town

 VietNamNet Bridge – Every afternoon, around 4.30pm, Nguyen Thi Lan, a bank employee in Dong Da District of Ha Noi starts getting worried. She waits for her boss to leave office, and then rushes off to pick up her daughter from school.

Social Headlines January 1

 RoK recruits Vietnamese guest workers again; Ship siezed for holding undocumented iron; Search for capsize victims continues; Three Vietnamese rescued from Malaysia massage parlours


 Vietinbank targets capital of over 1.7 billion USD; Banks see profit targets beyond reach; DHG transfers brand to Thai partner; Accenture suggests solutions to raising port efficiency

Vietnamese trains follow one rail all the time

In Vietnam, productivity growth in the rail transport sector is the lowest among the transport modes.

The number of motorcycles has exceeded 2020 planning

VietNamNet Bridge - As being planned by the transportation sector, in the next seven years the number of motorcycles in Vietnam will be about 36 million units. However, the latest statistics show that the current number is more than 37 million.