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Universities with autonomy complain about overlapping legal documents

Leaders of many universities and academies say they face many obstacles implementing the autonomy regime because of inconsistent legal framework.

Ministry petitions for unchanged tuition to share financial burden with students

The Ministry of Education and Training has presented its petitions to the Government calling for unchanging tuition fee for the 2020-2021 school year, in order to share the financial burden with parents and students.

Public universities in HCM City to hike tuition

A number of public universities in HCM City that have been granted financial autonomy are planning to increase tuition in the 2020-21 academic year.

Enjoying financial autonomy, medical schools raise tuition

Experts affirmed that with low costs, medical schools will not be able to produce high-quality doctors.

Vietnam's state-owned schools raise tuition to controversial levels

Some educators have warned that the sharp rise in tuition set by state-owned schools will deprive poor but good students of opportunities to access higher education.

Parents angry as int'l schools collect tuition for last few months

Students did not go to school for the last several months, but international schools have asked parents to pay tuition as usual.

Training costs at state-owned schools no longer low

Low training costs are one of the reasons for many students to enroll in state-owned universities, but the tuition of the schools is increasing.

Should there be common standards for university graduates?

Higher education establishments all have announced their standards for graduates.

Higher education tuition concerns poor students

The PM has allowed 23 state-owned universities to apply the autonomy mechanism, which means that the schools have the right to set tuition themselves.

Tuition of state-owned schools to rise under autonomy policy

Studying at state-owned schools is the first choice for university or college bound students because they only have to pay a part of training fees.

Are state education expenditures used effectively?

Vietnam’s expenditures on education amounts to 20 percent of total budget expenses, a relatively high figure compared with other countries. But education quality will still depend on how the money is used.

Parents reject tuition exemption plan

HCM City authorities are considering reducing tuition for secondary education, but many parents and education experts say more urgent measures need to be done, including raising teacher pay and reducing the number of crowded classrooms.

Education Ministry says general school teachers must have foreign language, IT skills

VietNamNet Bridge - The requirement set by the Ministry of Education and Training that general school teachers must have good foreign language and IT skills is too difficult, teachers say.

University education costs in VN more expensive

VietNamNet Bridge - State-owned universities with financial autonomy have announced an increase in tuition of 10-30 percent. However, they say the new tuition is still not enough to cover training costs.

Hanoi increases tuition fees at public schools

The Hanoi People’s Council on Thursday approved a resolution to raise tuition fees at public schools for the 2018-19 academic year.

Tertiary education tuition to be determined by universities

MOET says that tertiary education quality is low partially because of the low tuition. 

Universities to be given right to determine tuition

The new education law allows in universities to have the right to determine tuition, as well as their missions and development paths.

“Teachers are afraid of parents”, educators say

VietNamNet Bridge - Many teachers complain of ‘monster-parents’ who deeply intervene in teachers’ education activities and complain about teachers.

In Vietnam, tuition for tertiary education lower than K-12

VietNamNet Bridge - Tuition for 4-5-year training at university is just equal to tuition for one year at k-12 schools.

Hanoi parents struggle to fund children’s tuition at high-quality schools

The new tuition frame for state-owned schools has been approved by the Hanoi authorities, under which the ceiling tuition will be VND4.3 million per student per month for preschool and VND4.5 million for secondary and high school.