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Ngọt, a young indie band, brought a breath of fresh air that is now firmly ingrained in the youth subculture, becoming one of the top trendsetters in Việt Nam's music scene. Photo courtesy of Ngọt

The two music shows that Ngọt band abruptly cancelled, CAM GALA: “i” and Những Thành Phố Mơ Màng (Dreamy Cities), officially confirmed the band’s cancellation yesterday. 

Upon the band's announcement that they would stop performing, even previously scheduled shows, and the fans' confusion, representatives of the Dreamy Cities and CAM GALA, appeared quite surprised, hoping the fans would give them more time to get an official response.

CAM GALA: “i” officially confirmed that Ngọt band would not perform in concert on April 6 in HCM City or April 12 in Hà Nội.

The organisers of CAM GALA will have gifts for the fans at the concert, and also offers to cancel tickets and refund 50 per cent of the value for ticket-holders who now do not want to join the concert.

The representative of the Dreamy Cities show also officially confirmed that Ngọt band would not perform in concert in the capital city, Đà Nẵng or HCM City on April 20, May 18 and June 15, respectively. 

Up to now, no one knows exactly why the Ngọt band suddenly stopped performing after 10 years of making music. 

Ngọt is one of the representatives of indie music in Việt Nam and fans were left in shock, wondering if Ngọt had disbanded.

In self-declaring the show's cancellation, Ngọt band is criticised for being irresponsible by their fans. 

Most comments from the Kẹo community (Ngọt band's fan community) felt sorry for the two concerts' organisers for trying their best to come up with a solution for the band's unexpected absence. — VNS