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Vietnamese American singer releases new MV in Vietnam

Vietnamese American singer Ha Phuong and her friend – actor Tran Sang have launched an MV entitled “Ben Do Chieu Mua”.

Spreading Vietnamese music across borders

According to musician Quoc Trung, collaboration with foreign composers and singers is still a long way to go for Vietnamese music to gain a foothold in the international market.

Music industry in 2022: new works, copyright cases

The Vietnamese music market had a sublime 2022, blooming after a long period of repression because of the pandemic.

American EDM band wants to 'bring Vietnamese music to the world'

Hotel Lobby - the famous EDM band in the US - has selected Vietnam as a destination in the near future.

Young singers entertain fans with new content

Young Vietnamese singers have been busy bringing new music content to audiences from now to the year end.

Gen Z defines new music trends

Later than the general trend, in 2018, the Vietnamese music market saw the first seeds of the Gen Z that sprouted and quickly exploded.

Music video content stirs controversy

Many music videos (MVs) speak back-slang or use euphemisms, implying sexual behaviors. Others are offensive due to the artists’ own perspectives.