In particular, the custom of Dao Thanh Phan people can be mentioned, in which females will shave their heads and wear colourful top hats after getting married. Dao Thanh Phan women also cover their teeth with gold, or attach umbrellas to their heads while working in the fields.

For San Chi ethnic women in Binh Lieu, they always wear traditional clothes with blue shirts and black pants, even wearing shoes to play soccer or spinning tops. San Chi women's football matches here have become a unique show of culture, impressing those who are lucky enough to witness.



Dao Thanh Phan ethnic youngsters sing traditional songs during a traditional festival.


Colourful women's hats are unique cultural characteristic of Dao Thanh Phan ethnics.

A Dao Thanh Phan woman with gold-covered teeth and a high patterned hat.

San Chi women during an early morning practice on the soccer field to prepare for their competition.

A Dao Thanh Phan woman slings her baby while harvesting rice with her family.

San Chi female players exchange tactics before their soccer match.


Nguyen Huong

Nhan Dan