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High school teachers, students struggle with university entrance exams

High school teachers in non-metropolitan areas are worried their students can’t get into top universities due to different entry requirements from the schools.

University's high standards cause a shock

Universities across the country on Sunday afternoon began publishing their benchmark score from high school exams for new entrants.

Helpful boy passes tough competition to medical university

A medical university has offered free training to a student in Thanh Hoa Province after his moving story of helping a disabled friend at school was shared.

Learn and burn

 University entrance exams are approaching for 12th graders nationwide, and if the kids thought they had any chance of forgetting their impending doom for but a fleeting second, they had better think again.

High school students like geography, fear history

VietNamNet Bridge - A high percentage of students have decided to take the geography test for the 2016 high school finals, while history is the choice of very few students.

Businesses in need of workers turn down candidates with bachelor’s degrees

VietNamNet Bridge - The high rate of unemployed university graduates has been blamed on inadequate training. 

Veteran educator criticizes new national high school exam

 VietNamNet Bridge – The new national high school examination this year was a failure, forcing students to gamble on their futures, a veteran educator said.

Gov't seeks smooth transit for examinees

 The National Traffic Safety Committee (NTSC) called on transport firms to provide smooth transit for candidates and residents during the national high school examination held during the first four days of July.

New rules for high school finals worry students, parents

 VietNamNet Bridge – The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has released new regulations for high school finals, but students are worried the tests will be difficult and prevent them from attending university.

2015 enrolment still under discussion, schools wait for decision

 VietNamNet Bridge – Universities say they still cannot make any decisions about 2015 enrolment because they need to wait for a final decision from the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET).

New student-registration scheme raises concerns about enrolment figures

VietNamNet Bridge – Under a new regulation that allows students to apply at up to nine schools, educators fear the enrolment figures could cause confusion for administrators. 

Students want dialogue with Ministry on reform of university entrance exams

 VietNamNet Bridge – Twelfth-grade students have suggested holding a dialogue with the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) about university entrance-examination reform.

Fields Medalist favors high-school graduation exam abolishment

VietNamNet Bridge – Fields Medalist Professor Ngo Bao Chau has supported abolishing high-school graduation exams due to many irregularities rather than suspending university entrance exams. 

Top scorers on university entrance exams are rural students

 VietNamNet Bridge – Most of the students who placed first or recorded high marks on university entrance exams are from rural areas or poor families.

Experts discuss models for university entrance exams

VietNamNet Bridge – Educators discussed three methods for organising the 2015 national high school exam at a meeting hosted by the Ministry of Education and Training yesterday, July 29, in the capital.

Over 575,000 students sit national university entrance exams, second phase

 The second phase of the 2014 national university entrance exams kicked off on the morning of July 9, with some 575,180 candidates sitting the exams, which run through July 10.

Whole nation prepares for university entrance exams

 VietNamNet Bridge – It’s exam time once again in Vietnam. And if students are feeling under the gun, they can take some comfort in knowing that they’re not alone.

Registrations down for university entrance exams

 VietNamNet Bridge – Local education and training departments have all reported significant declines in the numbers of students registering to sit the university entrance exams.

Bonus marks for Vietnam Heroic Mothers at university exams

According to new regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training, Vietnam heroic mothers, revolutionary activists before January 1, 1945 will have two bonus marks if they take part in the university entrance examinations.

People founded universities rush to hunt for learners

VietNamNet Bridge – Some universities have sent their marketing officers to high schools, exam rooms to persuade high school graduates to continue the university education at their schools.