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The move comes amid protests against racism and police brutality sparked by George Floyd's death.

Trump 'drifted away' from constitution, says ex-military chief Colin Powell

Former US military chief condemns the president's threat to use the army to quell unrest in US cities.

Two Buffalo policemen charged for shoving 75-year-old protester

The officers filmed pushing a man, 75, to the ground have been charged with second degree-assault.

George Floyd: Thousands protest against racism across US

Peaceful rallies are held in major cities on the 12th day of protests sparked by George Floyd's death.

George Floyd death: New charges for all four sacked officers

Ex-officer Derek Chauvin now faces second-degree murder, while three others face abetting charges.

Snapchat stops promoting Donald Trump's account due to 'racial violence'

The social network says it will drop Trump from Discover over 'racial violence and injustice'.

George Floyd death: Archbishop attacks Trump as US unrest continues

As fury over George Floyd's killing continues, religious leaders condemn President Trump's actions.

George Floyd death: Trump threatens to send in army to end unrest

Protests and violence continue for a seventh night amid fury over a black man's killing by police.

George Floyd death: Violence erupts on sixth day of protests

Protesters defy curfew in cities across the US after the death of a black man at the hands of police.

George Floyd death: Lawyer calls it 'premeditated murder'

Violence erupts in Philadelphia as protests continue over the death of a black man in custody.

George Floyd: Protesters set Minneapolis police station ablaze

The US city sees a third night of unrest sparked by the death of an unarmed black man in custody.

Coronavirus deaths in US top 100,000

The US has seen more deaths (currently 100,047) and infections (1.69 million) than any other country.

Four Minnesota cops fired after death of unarmed black man

The FBI investigates Minneapolis police after video shows man being arrested saying "I can't breathe".

Trump says coronavirus worse 'attack' than Pearl Harbor

"There's never been an attack like this," says the US president, blaming China for failing to stop it.

Coronavirus: White House plans to disband virus task force

US President Donald Trump has confirmed the White House coronavirus task force will be winding down, with Vice-President Mike Pence suggesting it could be disbanded within weeks.


Coronavirus: Los Angeles offers free virus testing to all residents

It is the first major US city to offer free testing to all, even if people are showing no symptoms.

Oklahoma City bombing: The day domestic terror shook America

On this day 25 years ago, a deadly bomb attack shook America and left 168 people dead.

Coronavirus: President Trump defends tweets against US states' lockdowns

He says some measures are "too tough", but health experts warn lifting them will increase infection.

Coronavirus: The untold story of America's biggest outbreak

Infections spread like wildfire through a pork factory in South Dakota. Here's how it happened.

Coronavirus: The daunting reality of getting US back to normal

Trump says "we'll be the comeback kids" but experts warn US still isn't ready to test and track cases.