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Hanoi calligraphy festival set to run during Tet

The annual Lunar New Year Spring Calligraphy Festival is poised to open at Van Lake next to the Temple of Literature, known locally as Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam, in Hanoi with a large number of residents and tourists set to attend the event.

Service helps preserve solemn atmosphere in historical sites

The Temple of Literature, a renowned relic site in Hanoi has undertaken various initiatives to implement the recently issued Code of Conduct for Tourists. 

Learning through heritage

The programme named ‘Ancient Class’, is a combination of visiting and learning in the Temple of Literature. The trial programme is built in accordance with one or more classes as opposed to the school as a whole.

Temple of Literature in large photos

 VietNamNet Bridge – Let’s explore Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam (Temple of Literature), the first university of Vietnam through 360 degree pictures.

Six typical tourist activities that many local residents rarely do

 VietNamNet Bridge - Most people in Hanoi have never or have only done once in their lives several activities that are common for foreign tourists.

Portraits put money in student pockets

 VietNamNet Bridge – Professional and amateur painters, particularly fine arts students, can earn money by sketching portraits of passers-by at historical and cultural sites in Ha Noi -- though many quit due to the cold.

Street portrait season kicks off

VietNamNet Bridge – It is portrait season at historical and cultural sites in Ha Noi, such as Van Mieu and Hoan Kiem Lake. During Tet, enterprising professional and amateur painters and fine arts students can earn as much as VND1 million a day

Japanese tour offered at Temple of Literature

 A Japanese tour of Van Mieu (Temple of Literature) – a symbol of Ha Noi's culture and history – will be held by the Friends of Viet Nam Heritage (FVH) next Monday.

Character building calligraphy proves a hit

Once the preserve of ancient scholars and elites, calligraphy has enjoyed a renaissance in recent years as anxious students seek hangings in ancient Han-Nôm characters which are thought to bring good luck. 

Being touched by visitors, ancient doctoral steles worn out

"Being touched by hands with sweat for many consecutive years, many doctoral steles in the Temple of Literature are worn out. For example, a stele that was made in 1452 now has no words left," says Dr. Nguyen Minh Tuong, Institute of History.

Doctoral laureate steles to be recognized by UNESCO

Eighty-two doctoral laureate steles under the early Le, Mac and late Le dynasties (1442-1779) in Hanoi’s Van Mieu will get UNESCO’s Global Memory of the World Programme’s certificate.

Asking for scripts at new-year spring festival

VietNamNet Bridge – The Spring Festival at Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam (Temple of Literature) opened this morning, February 11, with many activities.

The Street of Calligraphers in pictures

VietNamNet Bridge – Over a week before the traditional New Year, dozens of calligraphers of different ages have gathered on Hanoi’s Van Mieu Street as usual.

Exhibition features traditional worship of education

Shrines and altars honouring studying and education are being displayed at an exhibition organised at Hanoi's Van Mieu (Temple of Literature), which also houses motifs of Confucius and other learned scholars.