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VietNamNet Bridge - A parent has criticized Luong The Vinh High School and its teachers for harsh education methods, stirring a debate about how to educate students: with an iron will or loose discipline?

What do Vietnamese teachers do to students who misbehave?

The criticism by a parent in Hanoi about the harsh education methods applied by a private high school in Hanoi has raised a question about what Vietnamese teachers do when their students make mistakes.  

Educators pessimistic about ‘one curriculum, many textbooks’ program

VietNamNet Bridge - The government in 2015 approved a plan on reforming curricula and textbooks for general education, emphasizing a student-centered approach which aims to promote initiative, creativity and self-study.

Educator decries ‘helicopter parenting’ methods

Parents traveled 40 kilometers to the camp where their high school-aged children recently received military training to bring food and drink, because they thought they might suffer from a poor diet.