Update news VECITA

VietNamNet Bridge - Young consumers with the habit of using smartphones are expected to be a new source of business growth. 

Vietnam's online market: Some shut down, others pocket big money

VietNamNet Bridge - Many e-commerce floors have opened to great fanfare, while others have shut down quietly.

COD payment method hurts retailers, shippers

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese customers will often order 10 or more products online, but then only pay for one item because of a late change they make to their order.  

Sabeco, Masan, Vinasoy listing may ignite investment wave in FMCG shares

With the third largest population in SE Asia and 70 percent of people of working age, Vietnam has high potential for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturers.

Can Amazon succeed in Vietnam?

VietNamNet Bridge - No one doubts the power of e-commerce giants like Amazon, but many local analysts believe the company cannot succeed in the Vietnamese market.

E-commerce growth stumbles as some websites close, the Vietnamese e-commerce website which announced its ambitious plan to become No 1 in online sales, has shut down. Some others also have stopped their operation and many others are not doing that well.

More E-wallets available, but are they useful?

VietNamNet Bridge - With the strong development of e-commerce, more and more e-wallets are now available in Vietnam, but they are still not that useful.

Thai, Chinese jump into e-commerce market, worrying Vietnamese rivals

VietNamNet Bridge - After Lazada and Zalora were taken over by big retailers, the competition in the e-commerce market became fierce. Vietnamese firms rushed to retain their market share.

Shopping via smartphones becoming more popular

More and more Vietnamese consumers are using smartphones to search information about products, order goods and make payments, according to Nguyen Phi Hung, director of DKT Media, Google’s main partner in Vietnam. 

Delivery service: who is the fastest?

VietNamNet Bridge - It is estimated that 70-80 million packages need to be delivered in 2016, creating a market large enough for many players.

16 companies enter e-payment service market

VietNamNet Bridge - Investors can see great promise and high growth in the e-payment service market, though it now makes up only 5 percent of the total $4 billion worth of e-commerce.

Will Vietnam’s e-commerce be taken over by foreigners?

VietNamNet Bridge - Experts have warned that Vietnam's e-commerce market, which makes up 2.8 percent of total turnover of retail goods and services, may fall into foreign hands.

Vietnam embraces new path of development

A new path of development began when Vietnam achieved a 6.68% GDP growth rate in 2015, signed a number of free trade agreements, and joined the ASEAN Economic Community. New opportunities and challenges await Vietnam in the new year. 

B2C e-commerce: the life-and-death battle

VietNamNet Bridge - All big e-commerce firms have to struggle to expand market share to exist and develop rapidly enough to satisfy investors.

E-commerce sees rapid growth

VietNamNet Bridge – The Ministry of Industry and Trade's Viet Nam E-Commerce and Information Technology Agency (VECITA), has said that total sales for the e-commerce sector have soared to US$2.2 billion in 2013,

E-commerce sector rapidly expanding

 VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnamese e-commerce sales are expected to hit more than US$4 billion in 2015, thanks to growing internet users, reports the Viet Nam E-commerce and Information Technology Agency (VECITA).