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Vietnam’s house-leasing startup dreams of becoming unicorn

The startup AirCity wants to digitize the leasing of 100,000 buildings and apartments in Southeast Asian cities after it reaches success in Vietnam.

Foreign startup seeking capital is turned down by Vietnamese 'sharks' on Shark Tank

Calling itself a technology firm,  iMotorbike has been rejected by the investors on the Shark Tank TV Show because of the technology content in its products.

Software developed by startup can controls factory operations via smartphones

IoT Dai Viet, a technology startup, has left a big impression on the Shark Tank TV Show.

Vietnam has one of Asia’s most dynamic start-up scenes: report

Vietnam has one of the newest and most dynamic start-up scenes in Asia, and it has emerged as a hub for start-ups, according to the recently released Emerging Giants in Asia Pacific report.

Startups attaining quicker traction

Vietnam is becoming a rising tech hub in the region, with a growing number of startups pouring hundreds of millions of US dollars into the country, with a strong drive to innovation fuelled by new initiatives.

Once ridiculed by ‘sharks’, Dat Bike startup receives $5 million worth of capital

Dat Bike, a Make in Vietnam electric motorbike startup, has successfully called for $5 million in capital.

Young lecturer is nominated for award for research on rain forecasting

Dr Bui Minh Tuan from the Meteorology and Oceanography Faculty at the Hanoi University of Natural Sciences has been nominated for a Ta Quang Buu Award.

Hundreds of millions of USD poured into startups despite Covid-19

Contrary to all predictions, Vietnam’s startups continue to receiving investment capital, though Covid-19 has caused investors to become more cautious.

Capital flow to startups still strong after Covid-19

As soon as COVID-19 subsided in Vietnam, startups began to again receive capital.

AI is trend at Vietnam’s startups

Voice recognition technology, artificial intelligence (A.I), blockchain and big data are the major trends at startups in Vietnam in 2020.

2019: prosperous year for Vietnam’s e-commerce, fintech firms

Start-up activities are growing fast despite the slowdown of the global economy. The gap between Vietnam and the two regional leading countries, Indonesia and Singapore, has narrowed.

Vietnam ranks second in fintech investment in Southeast Asia

Venture capital funding pouring into Vietnamese fintech companies accounted for 36 percent of the total fintech investment in Southeast Asia.

Vietnam’s startups make arduous efforts to call for foreign capital

Most Vietnamese startups find it difficult to call for investment, especially foreign investment.

Vietnam considers limits on foreign ownership ratio in fintechs

Policymakers believe that the limitation on the foreign ownership ratio in Vietnam’s fintechs would help ensure transparency in payment activities, thus facilitating the development of companies.

Facilitating venture capital towards Vietnamese startup development

Vietnam is working hard to unclog financial resources to develop a knowledge-based digital economy amid the wide influences of Industry 4.0.

Vietnamese startups need state’s capital

VietNamNet Bridge - Forty venture funds operate in Vietnam, but most of them are foreign invested.

Startups need venture capital

VietNamNet Bridge - Lacking venture funds and strong service bases, Vietnam is still far from reaching its goal of having 5,000 technology startups by 2020.

Vietnamese fintech companies energized with foreign capital

VietNamNet Bridge - Foreign investors have begun to eye Vietnamese fintech companies.

Complicated procedures in VN drive startups to Singapore

VietNamNet Bridge - More and more Vietnamese firms, especially technology startups, are registering their businesses in Singapore to avoid complicated administrative procedures in Vietnam.

Technology startups received huge capital last year

VietNamNet Bridge - A huge amount of capital has been poured into Vietnamese technology startups in recent years.