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Vietnam Airlines to halt broadcasting at domestic terminal

Tan Son Nhat Airport will stop broadcasting flight information at its domestic terminal from October 2019 after halting broadcasts from its international terminal in July 2019, according to Vietnam Airlines.





In order to assist passengers to monitor relevant flight information and avoid missing their flights, Vietnam Airlines has devised a scheme to deploy a new method of announcement at Tan Son Nhat airport.

The airline is to arrange a signpost system about halting broadcasts at convenient locations such as check-in counters, security screening areas, waiting rooms, and boarding gates, so passengers can update flight information via the flight information display system (FIDS).

In addition, staff at check-in counters will begin to notify passengers about halting broadcasts and instead provide passengers with relevant information on their boarding pass such as seat number, boarding gate number, departure time, and other important information.

Once at the boarding gate, based on the number of people on the flight, Vietnam Airlines will arrange for their staff to present the flight number, flight time, and destination in order to invite flyers to board the plane.

If passengers are not present by the time the gate closes, Vietnam Airlines will dispatch staff to hold signposts in order to find customers at security screening areas and restaurants.

In the event that the flight departs 15 minutes ahead or behind schedule, in addition to the announcement on the FIDS screen system, Vietnam Airlines will notify passengers by other means depending on the circumstances.

Tan Son Nhat International Airport has announced that it will stop broadcasting at both its domestic terminal, known as T1, and international terminal, known as T2, in order to reduce noise and develop into a "quiet airport".

Changes such as this have become a trend applied at many international airports, with the aim of bringing passengers comfort and helping passengers to develop into the habit of updating themselves with relevant information via electronic screen systems and sign boards at the terminal. VOV