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During Tet, Vietnam’s biggest holiday of the year, families from all around the world try to return home for a special reunion and to welcome in the Lunar New Year together. 

Renowned food culture helps promote Vietnamese tourism

As part of the Government’s cultural development strategy, Vietnam aims to have three cities in the UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network across many fields, including cuisine, by 2030.

Vietnamese food: Fried tofu sandwich

Here’s a sandwich like no other. Instead of bread, tofu is used to create the snack. This relatively new dish is taking HCM City by storm. And with a wide choice of fillings it’s a must try for anyone looking for a tasty treat. 

A specialty from central region

Banh hoi long heo (rice vermicelli served with pig heart, liver and intestine) is a specialty in Quy Nhon City in Binh Dinh Province. Herbs, the dipping sauce and garlic chives sautéed in oil make the dish tastier.

Fried banana pancakes a perfect winter warmer in Hanoi

Hanoi’s cold weather tends to make everyone crave hot snacks in the afternoon, and one of the most popular is fried banana pancakes.

Vietnamese food: Shrimp paste with sugarcane

Chạo tôm (grilled shrimp paste wrapped around sugarcane) used to be served to royalty in central Vietnam.

Wild black-jack flowers, an intriguing salad addition in Vietnam mountains

The black-jack flower, which grows in the wild in Vietnam, is used to make a delicate salad in the northwestern mountains.

Banh cuon Cao Bang, a must-try dish in Hanoi

The mountainous dish can be eaten with minced pork paste, fried meat roll, steamed egg and spicy salted bamboo shoot.

Noodles with jellyfish – delicacy of the sea

Noodles with jellyfish is a typical dish of the sea, which is popular in central and south regions.

Vinh Phuc's smoked soil popular dish oddity

Smoked soil, a rare and odd dish, has been a popular cookie for many local people in the northern province of Vinh Phuc for generations.

Vietnam’s 10 traditional cakes with odd names

Vietnam is a country known for its diverse cuisines. 

Must-try northwestern region dishes

Grilled chicken in bamboo tube, minced pork grilled in dong leaves, and purple sticky rice are must-try dishes in Vietnam's northwestern region.

Seaweed sweet soup - a cure for the summer heat

A combination of green beans and seaweed, 'che dau xanh rong bien' is a perfect blend of land and sea, bringing natural fresh nutrients and a delightful flavour to eaters.

Anchovy fish cake - perfect comfort food

Rustle up some tasty fish cakes, They are easy to make and super healthy due to high protein and calcium

Vietnamese food: Vietnam beef stew

Once a Mekong Delta specialty now it is a Saigon must-try. Vietnamese beef stew is a comfort food like no other, which requires an intricate mix of spices.

Vietnamese food: Com Tam - Broken rice

If you take a trip to HCM City, you must try broken rice. And don't be fooled by its name, there's nothing whatsoever about this dish that needs fixing.

Vietnamese food: Rice paper salad

Your trip to HCM City won't be complete without rice paper salad. 


Tuber pickles and dried radish salad, two must-try dishes of Nghe An

The central coastal province of Nghe An well known for its beautiful beaches such as Cua Lo and Quynh Bang, and also its local specialties such as the popular dưa món (tuber pickles ) and nộm củ cải khô (dried radish salad).

Vietnamese food: grilled fish

Fishin’ for something to fill your stomach? Vietnamese grilled fish may be right up your river! With a side of shrimp paste and rice noodles, this meal makes even February feel like summer.


Vietnamese food: Crab hotpot

When it comes to cooking freshwater crab hotpot, it’s all about the freshness.