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The EU has issued a warning against nine fresh and processed fruits and vegetables from the nation due to food safety risks.

Vietnam to sell seedless lychee for commerce

After three years of planting 500 seedless lychee trees on a trial basis, some trees have given fruit and are expected to be commercially available in 2023.

Various Vietnam fruits to be shipped to US, Japan, China

China is ramping up its import of bananas from Vietnam, while the latter is planning to ship grapefruit to the United States and is negotiating to export longan to Japan.

Cheap fruit piles up on sidewalks

“Rescue dragon fruit. Just VND90,000 per box of 20 kilograms.” “Watermelon surprisingly cheap at VND5,000 per kilogram.” These are the sales pitches heard by Phung Thi Tho in Hoang Mai district in Hanoi every day.

Vietnam sees bumper fruit exports this year

After litchi gained entry to Australia, durian, star apple and mangosteen have also obtained visas to enter the choosy market.

China tightens veggie and fruit import requirements for Vietnam

Improving product quality and promoting exports through official channels are seen as a stable method of development for Vietnam's fruit and vegetables as China looks set to apply stricter requirements on fruit imports in the future.