vietnam invests us 416 million abroad over eight-month period picture 1
Laos is the largest recipient of Vietnam's overseas investment

Of the figure, nearly US$244.37 million was poured into a total of 79 new projects, equivalent to 70.8% compared to the same period from last year, while more than US$171.96 million was added to 18 existing projects, duly representing a 3.38-fold rise against the same period from last year.

Vietnamese investors have invested in 14 industries abroad, of which the wholesale and retail sector took the lead with nearly US$150.28 million, accounting for 36.1% of total registered investment capital.

Furthermore, the information and communication industry ranked second with more than US$114.32 million, followed by electricity production and distribution, agro-forestry-fishery, banking, and the finance sector.

Of the 23 countries and territories receiving investment from the nation, Canada took the lead with total registered investment capital reaching more than US$150.2 million, accounting for 36.1% of the total investment capital, followed by Singapore, Laos, and Cuba.

As of August 20, the country boasts 1,665 valid overseas investment projects capitalized at nearly US$22.1 billion, of which 141 projects were from state-invested enterprises with a total investment capital reaching nearly US$11.67 billion, duly accounting for 52.8% of the country’s total investment capital.

The majority of Vietnamese overseas investment focused on the mining industry at 31.5% along with agriculture, forestry and fishery at 15.5%.

Laos, Cambodia, and Venezuela received the most Vietnamese investment capital with a rate of 24.7%, 13.3%, and 8.3%, respectively.

Source: VOV