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Vietnam is the safest country to travel in the Asia  (Photo:

According to Travel Off Path, safety is a primary concern for Americans traveling abroad, especially amid the current climate where conflicts are breaking out internationally and security is decreasing across a number of destinations.

Over the last few years, Asia has been no exception, but Vietnam has proven to be remarkably stable and safe for tourists, said the newswire.

The website cited the latest Global Law and Order Index indicating Vietnam is not only the most peaceful state in Asia, but is also the seventh worldwide.

According to the newest Global Law and Order ranking which was published by Gallup in late 2023, Vietnam is the highest-charting country in Asia with an enviable score of 92 out of a maximum of 100. Elsewhere, the top 10 is dominated by European countries.

Travel Off Path also shared that Vietnam is both prosperous and peaceful, as it enjoys low rates of crime and impressive political stability. It jumped to conclusions the country is a lot safer than the United States and the majority European countries, where violence is increasing.

In terms of tourist offers, the website noted, that Vietnam is ideal for slow travelers and backpackers seeking to reconnect with nature and expose themselves to a culture that is almost entirely different than their own, especially for that those coming from the Northern Hemisphere.

The travel outlet suggested that when traveling the country from north to south, or vice-versa, visitors should definitely take time to stroll around the charming, yellow-washed streets of Hoi An which is a river port and UNESCO World Heritage Site internationally recognised for its numerous historical temples and French colonial architecture.

“Also not to be missed is neighboring Hue, home to an imposing moated citadel; further down the coast, the sandy beaches and forested reserves of Da Nang are a mandatory stopover, as are the golden sand dunes and sleepy coastal towns lining the laid-back Mui Ne section of the coast,” said the website.

It stressed that from vibrant city breaks in Ho Chi Minh City, the busy coastal port of Nha Trang, the capital of Hanoi, to escapes into nature in Ninh Binh which famous for its rice fields and monumental geological formations, travellers can truly never exhaust their ‘to-do’ list while exploring the country.

It also revealed that Vietnamese Government are welcoming tourists with open arms, recently moving to ease visa requirements for Americans, thereby allowing them to remain in Vietnam for a total of 90 full days.

Source: VNA