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Chair of the Vietnam Energy Association Tran Viet Ngai believes that the solution of setting one common electricity retail price is not feasible.

Solar power plants accelerate connection to grid to enjoy incentive

Many solar power plants have managed to get hooked to the power grid early to enjoy the high electricity prices, thus overloading the grid.


Solar power providers left with excess

After rushing to connect to the national grid prior to end-June to benefit from price policies, solar power developers have now found that the grid can't handle the extra capacity.

Transforming Vietnam into a regional energy powerhouse

Mr. Dave Sivaprasad, Managing Director and Partner, and Ms. Tuyet Vu, Principal at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), share about their views on Vietnam's transformation into a regional energy powerhouse.

Industry Ministry to submit new solar power price scenarios in September

The Ministry of Industry and Trade will submit to the Government new scenarios for solar power prices in two regions on September 15.


Solar power a victim of its own success

Lured in by the feed-in tariff of 9.35 US cents for solar projects, investors are lining up for approval to generate gigawatts of power in the central provinces of Vietnam where solar irradiation is the strongest.

Vietnam still needs coal-fired thermal power

Coal-fueled thermal power plants are still an important source of energy for the next decade, when the country will be in dire need of energy for more production, heard attendees at a seminar in HCMC last week.