Khoa noted that Vietnam currently ranks 25th in the top 50 digital countries as reported by the US strategic consulting firm Tholons.

He revealed that in the time to come, FPT will continue to research and apply latest technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology and cloud computing, thus contributing more to the development of the country, localities and businesses in a fast and more effective manner as well as making people’s life more convenient, safer and more civilised thanks to digital services.

FPT is confident to make it come true thanks to its 20-year experience of working with the most advanced markets in the world as well as world-class technologies and solutions, along with its 20,000 technology engineers, and especially high quality human resources provided by FPT Education, he stressed.

According to Khoa, FPT has coordinated with more than 40 cities and provinces across the country to conduct comprehensive digital transformation and organise training courses for more than 10,000 leadership officials at all levels.

It has also cooperated with the business community at all scales, all sectors and all regions to deal with relevant problems to promote their fast recovery for breakthrough growth right amid the pandemic, he said.

Khoa said that through its experience learnt from different pandemic waves, FPT has developed effective solutions in internal operations as well as business community support through FPT eCovax – a programme to provide technological vaccines to help businesses strengthen their digital immunity in order to become resilient against the pandemic, thus overcoming challenges during social distancing period and the present new normal situation.

After four months of implementation since the fourth outbreak of COVID-19, more than 3,000 enterprises at different sizes across the country have received free access to FPT eCovax, he noted.

Khoa underlined that in the future, FPT will provide solutions for the building of digital Government and digital economy, while engaging in the construction of smart cities, smart traffic, smart health care and smart education, thus benefiting millions of people and improving the competitiveness of the country.

FPT is a pioneer in digital transformation and a leader in consulting, providing and deploying technology and telecommunications services and solutions. Its network covers 27 countries across the world.


Source: VNA

Vietnam wants to make breakthroughs in digital industry

Vietnam wants to make breakthroughs in digital industry

Digital technology industry will become one pillar for the establishment of a digital government and the modernization of the agriculture, industry, and service sectors as well as all aspects of the society.