Three founders of the group developing Anan

After four years of research, Anan, the experimental version of Vietnam’s robot developed with AI technology, has been introduced. This is an AI-based robot project started in 2019 by ETT International JSC.

The name was inspired by a brilliant teacher of Vietnamese history Chu Van An. The "Make in Vietnam" robot model can engage in conversations with natural language based on Big Data and AI.

Anan can understand content in Vietnamese, and analyze and assess content to determine communication decisions. To date, the robot can listen and understand 80 percent of basic Vietnamese communication content.

According to a representative of the development team, the platforms and AI apps in Vietnamese language available in the market can only understand short commands taught before. If users give the same commands but use other ways of expression, the apps cannot understand, or will even do wrong things. 

Because of this problem, users can only give and match commands with the apps, and they cannot conduct natural conversations.

Anan can solve this problem as it can recognize the ideas users want to express, including long conversations, and there is no need to match the commands that it was taught before. 

After that, the robot selects content to communicate with and responds to users according to scenarios that were built before.

In an experiment, Ana demonstrated its capability of teaching life skills like a real teacher. The activities included driving students to the lesson, exchanging ideas, discussing and analyzing answers, selecting suitable content to continue the training, examining knowledge, and synthesizing results and reviewing knowledge.

The AI-based robot model can help train children one on one, while at the same time give assessments and correct mistakes. As it can follow up throughout training and learning, it can help children understand lessons and use the skills they are taught.

The target set by Anan developers is to use Anan to support and implement work that needs communications such as for life skill teachers, psychology consultants, and sales consultants, and for use by assistants.

The representative told VietNamNet that the similarity of Anan and ChatGPT is that they were both built with Google’s Transformer technology. 

The difference is that while ChatGPT uses text as the input material, Anan can communicate with people with a Vietnamese voice.

Anan can understand Vietnamese voices that have a northern, central or southern accent. The weak point of Anan is that it can only use Vietnamese. However, this problem will be solved in the following versions.

Trong Dat