A number of new and young female faces have popped up and become voices of their generation, bringing a breath of fresh air to the country's music scene.

With the development and popularity of studio technology, it is not too difficult for female musicians to set up a studio, write, compose, and perform their own songs. And many are doing it, showing a dedication to every aspect of their music, from composition and arrangement to the visual creation.

Not focusing on trending pop or ballad genres, these new artists are willing to experiment with a wide range of music genres and show variety in their songs, contributing to the diversification of Việt Nam’s music industry.

Bridge between generations

Mỹ Anh, 21, is a singer, songwriter and producer from Hà Nội. Previously, she was only known as the youngest daughter of celebrated singer Mỹ Linh and musician Anh Quân, but is now respected for her own talents.

Her debut song, Got You, released in 2020, represents her escaping from her parents' shadow and establishing her own musical path. After that, she went on to achieve several domestic and international accomplishments.

Singer-songwriter Mỹ Anh was the only Vietnamese representative at the 2021 Head In The Clouds Music Festival in the US. Photo courtesy of Mỹ Anh.

In 2021, she won the Best New Face at the Làn Sóng Xanh Awards with the song Real Love. That year, Anh was also the first Vietnamese artist honoured to participate in 88rising’s International Music Festival: Head In The Clouds in Los Angeles.

For young Vietnamese musicians of the same generation, her participation in the event marked a significant turning point regarding talent, style and musical maturity.

"I create music that is suitable for my generation. I try my best to accurately convey my feelings in an honest way,” she said.

Her music is influenced by R&B, pop, and soul music, as well as her own family. Many people have associated Anh’s song Yên (Peaceful) with her mother’s songs such as Tóc Ngắn (Short Hair) and Hà Nội đêm trở gió (The Night the Wind Came to Hà Nội ) because of the similarities in the arrangement and vocal techniques.

“Mỹ Anh's idea and dedication went into composing, mixing, recording, and visualizing a collection of her own. Anh's message is that young women, especially young Asian women, should be confident and dedicated, then shine in all of their work,” Linh said of her daughter’s experimental music project Bedroom Session.

Different music genres

VSTRA, real name is Hạnh Ngân, was born in 2001. Having started by updating her pop ballad song covers on the internet, she became popular with the cover of Your Smile and her own song Internet Love with 44 million and 17 million views on YouTube, respectively.

With a 'girl next door' image and singer of sweet love songs, VSTRA recently stepped out of her comfort zone and experimented with different genres of music with the single Phong (Wind) and her latest collaboration with TGSN and Lil Wyun in the song Die for It.

Singer-songwriter VSTRA is in her latest collaboration with TGSN and Lil Wyun in the song 'Die for It'. Photo courtesy of CDSL.

Her music is a fusion between R&B, pop, and hip-hop. When sharing about her future music plans, VSTRA mentions synth pop, vinahouse, and drill. She remains ambitious and transformative, setting no limits on the process of building her musical identity.

“I believe that to fulfil both our own needs and those of the audience, young artists like me need to be more versatile. I want to transform into a well-rounded and dynamic singer-songwriter. Therefore, I can compose songs that audiences adore and that satisfies me as well,” VSTRA told Billboard Việt Nam.

Bringing VN's music abroad

Vũ Thanh Vân, 27, a singer-songwriter born and raised in Hà Nội, is currently living and working in HCM City. Vân is a diligent artist with two popular EPs, After Party and Hết Sức Thật Lòng (Full of Sincerity). She is also well known for many hits such as Missing You, Tori and Lấy Chồng (Having a Husband).

Although pop and R&B are her primary musical genres, there is also a soul and funk vibe in her music.

Her songs and lyrics portray the inner thoughts of a young Hanoian woman who is frequently referred to as "nostalgic but healing" by her audience.

“You are not dealing with all of your experiences, feelings, and difficulties alone. I create music with the intention of being your friend and sister,” Vân told her fans.

Vũ Thanh Vân is a singer-songwriter from Hà Nội. Photo courtesy of Vũ Thanh Vân.

“I want to publicize young Vietnamese artists throughout the world by attracting both domestic and foreign audiences with high-quality songs in both English and Vietnamese,” she said.

These younger generation singer-songwriters are escaping the shadow of their previous generations, establishing their unique musical identity, and bringing Vietnamese music to the world.

"The music of the young generation today combines the versatility and essence of two highlights: the lyrics and vocals of Việt Nam's earlier generations and new global trends and genres," said Hoàng Huy Thịnh, founder of Cổ Động, an independent media agency in music."

"Together, they have created new flavours, and works of art that are appealing to both the auditory and visual senses.” VNS