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The super-expensive specialty called ‘the food of the rich’ in Quang Ninh

Though it has a strange appearance, sa sung, or peanut worms (Sipunculus nudus). is a famous specialty of Quang Ninh. Sa sung is very expensive, sold at VND4-5 million per kilogram.

Typical Hanoian autumn snacks

Vong Village's green rice flakes or egg coffee are among snacks that make autumn in Hanoi even more unforgettable for its dwellers.

Wind-hanging persimmons: A delightful Dalat specialty

Dalat, renowned for its favorable highland climate, is a perfect locale for cultivating persimmons.

Discarded fruit peels sold as valuable goods

In Vietnam, many types of fruit peels are considered waste and are thrown away, such as mangosteen peels, cocoa pods and rice husks. But in fact, they are very precious as can treat diseases and be processed into useful products.

Foreigners list interesting features that only Vietnam has

According to the travel site Culture Trip, foreign tourists say they can only find in Vietnam:

Lotus scented tea – a special treat for guests

The lotus is a symbol of the nation, and making tea with the flowers is a great way to get the most out of it.

Lesser-known ‘treasures’ in the largest Dien pomelo hub in Hanoi

Located by the romantic Nhue River, through centuries of development and modernization, Phu Dien Village retains its priceless cultural and historical values.

Phu Quoc’s flower crab grabs national trademark

Chefs in Kien Giang have jointly made a national record by making 100 dishes from flower crabs in an event co-organised by the Centre for Culture, Sports, and Radio of Phu Quoc island city and its Professional Chefs Association.

Cao Lanh’s Cat Chu mango: the pride of Dong Thap Province

Cát Chu mango is also known by another name: xoài tiến vua (Mango Offered to the King).

Nam Ô Village’s fish sauce to feature at Foodex-Japan exhibition

A source from the Japan-Vietnam Gastronomy Association (JVGA) confirmed to Việt Nam News that the Danang-based fish sauce and unique products from 62 provinces and cities of Việt Nam had been selected to display at the exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.

Phin Ho ‘shan tuyet’ tea –specialty of Ha Giang

Apart from stilt houses and seemingly endless terraced paddy fields, “shan tuyet” tea, a famous specialty of Phin Ho village, is one of the special things visitors cannot forget once setting foot in Tay Con Linh Mountain in Ha Giang.

Ethnic Co Tu people treasure threatened freshwater fish

Vũng Bọt Stream in central Vietnam forms at the intersection of the North and South rivers that merge with the Cu Đê River and is home to the niên fish (Onychostoma gerlachi).

Thai Nguyen listed among top 6 best places globally to enjoy tea

Marking International Tea Day, travel website has unveiled a list of the top six must-visit destinations around the world for travelers to dive into the historical and cultural values of tea, with Thai Nguyen featured in the list.

Odd food in Vietnam: smoked clay is specialty dish

In Vietnam, there is a village where villagers like eating soil. Earthen lumps are smoked and cut into small pieces like cookies and considered a specialty.

Local specialties plummeting in price

While Phu Yen lobster prices are surging, VND100,000 per kilogram more expensive than the previous crop, other aquatic specialties including ca lang (hemibagrus) and hau sua (oyster milk) have seen prices plummet, causing big losses for farmers.

Appeal of Vietnam’s southwestern red-flesh jackfruit

This exceptional jackfruit, grown by gardeners in the Southwest of Vietnam, always sells out despite its sky-high price.

Cua chicken: from a royal dish of yore to a notable cuisine

The chicken from Cua land is known for its prime taste and was once served as a royal food hundreds of years ago.

Famous chickens sold at high prices on Tet

Dong Tao chicken, which is an expensive delicacy in Vietnam, is often sold at very high prices on the Lunar New Year or Tet Holiday.

Vietnamese food: Roasted birds

Fancy pigeon for dinner? Or how about a quail for lunch? Prepared Vietnamese-style is the best way to eat these birds. Boiled in herbs and spices, then roasted to perfection, chim quay will be a real treat! 

Vietnamese food: Tram đen

There’s a place in Vietnam you will really go nuts for. In days gone by when meat was in short supply, the substitute was pili nuts.