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Cua chicken: from a royal dish of yore to a notable cuisineicon

Cua chicken: from a royal dish of yore to a notable cuisine

The chicken from Cua land is known for its prime taste and was once served as a royal food hundreds of years ago.

Try bamboo worms – a specialty from Son Laicon

Try bamboo worms – a specialty from Son La


Fatty bamboo worms from the northern mountainous province of Son La, priced at VND500,000/kg, has become a very attractive product in Hanoi.

Vietnamese food: Roasted birdsicon

Vietnamese food: Roasted birds


Fancy pigeon for dinner? Or how about a quail for lunch? Prepared Vietnamese-style is the best way to eat these birds. Boiled in herbs and spices, then roasted to perfection, chim quay will be a real treat! 

Vietnamese food: Tram đenicon

Vietnamese food: Tram đen


There’s a place in Vietnam you will really go nuts for. In days gone by when meat was in short supply, the substitute was pili nuts.

Banh Gio – Rice cake with herbal ashicon

Banh Gio – Rice cake with herbal ash


Vietnam is the country of cakes made from sticky rice. One of those is banh gio (or banh tro), a cake made from glutinous rice soaked in ash water.

'Cay' cake - A specialty of Thai Binhicon

'Cay' cake - A specialty of Thai Binh


Each locality in Vietnam has its own specialty that it is proud of. Visitors to Nguyen Xa village, in Thai Binh province are always invited to eat ‘cay’ cake, which is made of glutinous rice well blended with fat and ginger.

“Pau Plau” Day Cakeicon

“Pau Plau” Day Cake


Day Cake is a popular type of cake that can be found all over Vietnam, but the Day Cake known as “Pau Plau” in Lao Cai is quite a unique dish.

Most-favored foreign cuisine revealedicon

Most-favored foreign cuisine revealed


Tied in first place, Chinese and Korean cuisine have emerged as Vietnam’s favorite international dishes, according to a survey by Agoda - one of the world’s fastest-growing online travel agents.