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Vietnam strives for "elite" university

Countries, in order to develop, need elite universities, schools which produce outstanding talent for the society.

Le Mai Lan, vice president of Vingroup, said: "Every country wants to create talents, outstanding individuals who can help change the nation's destiny."



Le Mai Lan (right), vice president of Vingroup


Vingroup and its VinUni want to create generations of talents who can make great contributions to the nation’s development.

An elite university must be equipped with modern administration system, excellent facilities and powerful financial capability as well as talented teachers.

Countries, in order to develop, need elite universities, schools which produce outstanding talent for the society.

“The mission of elite university is to produce talent. This is very costly. We do not expect profit. VinUni University will be a non-profit education establishment, which will strive to become a university of international stature,” Lan said.

VinUni, which plans to begin enrolling students from 2020, is the result of cooperation between Vingroup and two elite universities in the top 20 best universities in the world – Cornell and Pennsylvania. Prof Rohit Verma, sent by Cornell University to Vietnam to work as Rector of VinUni, said VinUni aims to produce leaders with long term visions, aspirations and capability to lead Vietnam into a prosperous and powerful country based on knowledge and technology.

Can only private investors develop an elite university?

Dr Nguyen Si Dung, former deputy chair of the National Assembly Office, said the wish to build an elite university like Harvard in Vietnam was mentioned more than 10 years ago.

To date, only one university, Fulbright University, bears the figure of such a university.

According to Dung, only private organizations can develop elite universities. This is because the state must take responsibility for the education of all Vietnamese citizens and cannot gather strength to build a university just for a small group of elite people.

Elite universities can produce talented people, but these people can only promote their talents in a certain cultural environment or social organization model.

“Will the students to be trained under the US model be able to promote their talent in the Vietnamese environment?” Dung said.

If talented students do not have any cultural link with the social environment in Vietnam, they may not succeed. And it is the task of universities to create the link.

In related news, two Vietnamese universities have been named in the 2020 Best Global Universities Rankings released recently by the US News & World Report. The Hanoi National University is ranked 1,059th in the list, and the HCM City National University the 1,176th.

Le Ha 


Vietnam National University-HCM City, a pioneer in AI research

Vietnam National University-HCM City, a pioneer in AI research

HCM City uses artificial intelligence as a foundation to develop industry 4.0 and become a smart city.

Education ministry inks deal with Francophone University Association

Education ministry inks deal with Francophone University Association

The Ministry of Education and Training and the Francophone University of Association (AUF) signed a framework agreement on education cooperation in Hanoi on November 5.


UNESCO honours Vietnam’s art of pottery making of Cham people

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) has inscribed the art of pottery making of the Cham people on the List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding.

Vietnamese representative finishes among Top 20 at Miss Earth 2022

Thach Thu Thao, the Vietnamese contestant at Miss Earth 2022, claimed a Top 20 finish in the grand final of the pageant held in the Philippines on November 29.

Vietnam to have an effective match against Borussia Dortmund: Coach Park

Vietnam will have an effective match against German football club Borussia Dortmund, heach coach Park Hang Seo stated at a press conference in Hanoi on November 29, a day before the friendly match.

Investors hunt for real estate as prices fall

As the real estate market has been cooling down over the last two months, now is the time for investors to buy land and housing at reasonable prices.

Green logistics to reduce costs for Vietnamese goods

Logistics firms want the government to provide capital to develop technology and digitization to manage the flow of goods to minimize import-export costs.

Foreign trade may hit record of 780 billion USD in 2022

Surmounting difficulties to boost economic recovery, Vietnam is expected to post a foreign trade record of 780 billion USD in 2022.

Golden days are over for leading seafood firms

Seafood companies no longer see bright prospects as the global situation has worsened compared with the previous period. Domestically, the situation is also problematic with interest rates rising sharply.

Traffic congestion is biggest obstacle to southeast’s development

Traffic congestion is the biggest challenge for the economic development of the nation’s southeast region, given that only 50 kilometers of expressway has been built among the six key provinces in the past 10 years, according to the prime minister.

Lonely Planet reveals eight attractive treks in Vietnam

Tribal treks around Bac Ha and Cultural treks from Sa Pa have been named among the eight best treks for travelers to enjoy when visiting the nation, according to the Australian version of renowned travel guide Lonely Planet.

Vietnam posts US$10.6 billion trade surplus in Jan-Nov

The country’s exports amounted to US$342.2 billion while its import spending totaled US$331.6 billion between January and November, generating a trade surplus of US$10.6 billion, according to the General Statistics Office of Vietnam.

What are Vietnam’s opportunities in the face of new reforms in China?

Vietnam-China relations in the past were based mostly on trade and construction bids. What will be important for the new period?

US spends over US$13 billion purchasing local computers and electronics

Vietnamese electronic computers and component exports to the United States during the initial 10 month of the year surged by 26.4% to reach US$13.23 billion against the same period from last year.

Experts discuss need for capital disbursement, loans to enterprises

More public investment funds should be disbursed and credit limits lifted to provide capital and improve capital flow, experts have said.

Vietnam welcomes 2.95 million foreign tourists over 11-month period

The country welcomed 2.95 million foreign visitors during the initial 11 months of the year, a figure 21.1 times higher compared to the same period from last year, but still down 81.9% compared with pre-pandemic levels in 2019.

Ministry to tighten control of joint training programs with foreign partners

About 25,000 students are studying in about 300 joint programs with foreign schools in Vietnam.