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Vietnam shines at European Physics Olympiad with multiple medals

Vietnam continues its streak of success in international science competitions, claiming silver and bronze at the EuPhO 2024.

First Vietnamese university to train foreign medical postgraduates

By early 2025, the university plans to open the first courses in general medicine and dentistry for approximately 100 Indian students.

City kids lack playgrounds, stay at home surfing internet, studying

Summer is the busiest time for parents as they have to struggle to find safe places for their children to play.

Boom in English bachelor’s degree programmes raises quality concerns

Some learners switch from reputable, quality-focused programmes to more lenient ones to bypass quality control.

Five-year-old children to be offered free tuition at preschools

Five-year-old children will be exempt from tuition fees from the start of the next school year.

What kinds of reference books are appropriate for students?

A debate has occurred recently after a parent in HCM City posted a complaint on an education forum, saying that her daughter was given a "pornographic" book by a teacher at her school.

Career pathways help ease the pressure off students in crucial tests

Failing the high school entrance exam doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road, as the current education system offers various forms of training to meet the needs of parents and students.

Summer camps booming, parents need to be careful

There are summer camps to explore the countryside, life skills training and picnics, and camps combining outdoor activities with Math and English classes that last throughout June and July.

Semiconductor tech now as 'hot' as computer science major: educators

Semiconductor technology has been a popular training major in recent years, according to Pham Nguyen Hai from the Faculty of Physics under the Hanoi University of Natural Sciences.

High scores help student win admission to top universities

After winning an ASEAN scholarship to study in Singapore, and obtaining a score of 1590 out of 1600 on the SAT and 8.5 for IELTS, as well as prizes in mathematics and informatics, Le Duc Minh has been welcomed by top universities in many countries.

Parent – school financial transactions: school 'plays it safe'

Referring to the capital mobilization model applied by American International School Vietnam (AISV), financial experts say this is an unfair deal because of the risk of parents losing capital along with modest savings of only 10 percent.

International schools’ reliance on parents' capital contributions poses risks

Many international schools in Vietnam are operating with capital mobilized from parents. The model attracts many parents, but also poses risks.

AI development poses challenges for traditional education

In the era of AI, students will increasingly seek answers from AI, putting pressure on teachers, according to Prof Le Anh Vinh, head of the Vietnam National Institute of Educational Sciences (VNIES).

VN preschool teachers are looking forward to changes in career policies

Pre-school teachers across the country hope their profession is included in the lists of heavy and hazardous occupations.

Vietnam an example of high academic results despite limited investment: survey

The recently released Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2022 results show that Vietnam is a typical example of high academic results despite limited education investment.

Students under pressure to take part in so-called international competitions

Vietnamese students, including those who have just begun going to school, are preparing for "international competitions".

Students overstretch themselves to polish résumés

Stress and depression were most prevalent among those from 14 to 17, who had to study hard for transitional exams.

Educational reform facing serious challenges

The educational quality in Vietnam has greatly improved after 10 years. The new General Education Program 2018 has brought various breakthroughs, yet this development is not equal among different localities.

Students must prioritise manners before acquiring knowledge

Serious cases of school violence recently have raised strong alarm about the importance of educating children on respecting teachers and upholding morality, along with implementing measures to protect educators.

PISA 2022: Vietnamese students experience a decline in performance rankings

Regarding rankings, Vietnamese students demonstrate an average performance in mathematics but fall below average in reading comprehension and science.