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Investment in education in Vietnam tended to increase steadily over the past decade, according to a report by the Vietnam National Institute of Educational Sciences (VNIES).

History made compulsory subject in high schools

The amendment was made while keeping the same stance in terms of vision, goals of the overall curriculum, and the specific features of the history subject.

Vietnam simplifies regulations on business activities in education

The Vietnamese government on July 6 issued Decision No.793/QD-TTg to simplify regulations for certain business activities in the education and training sector.

Ministry proposes to waive all tuition fees for secondary school students

The Ministry of Education and Training proposed to immediately implement the exemption of tuition fees for all secondary school students from the school year 2022 – 2023.

NA's committee proposes making history compulsory subject at senior high schools

The National Assembly's Committee for Culture and Education has submitted a report affirming that many voters, experts, scientists and teachers disagreed with a plan to make history a selective subject in senior high school curriculum.

Shortage of specialised teachers causing concern for VN high schools

A shortage of teachers in specialised subjects is causing concern for high schools that are preparing to implement a long-approved new curriculum for 10th-graders in the next academic year.

Vietnam ranks 59th in global education rankings

Global website US News has released its 2021 global education rankings, with Vietnam placed 59th, up six notches compared to 2020.

UK helps Vietnam fulfill national target for English proficiency by 2025

The British Council’s English Programs are designed to have lasting and meaningful impacts on education systems in countries such as Vietnam

Student from farming family wins PhD scholarship without IELTS or TOEFL certificates

Having never applied for a scholarship to study abroad and never taken an IELTS or TOEFL exam, Nguyen Thi Hoa did not think she would have an opportunity to study in Germany.

VEF 2.0 helps over 100 young Vietnamese study for doctorates in the US

A program that helps hundreds of young Vietnamese become postgraduates at prestigious schools in the US has been successful because of assistance from former doctoral students and scholarships granted abroad.

Problems hinder VN medical sector from having publications in prestigious journals

Having scientific articles published in Nature and Science is a lifelong dream of many scientists, including countries with developed science sectors, according to Prof Ta Thanh Van, President of Hanoi Medical University.

The struggle to find professors for schools for the gifted

It is not easy to attract talents to schools for the gifted.

Do schools for the gifted need professors or just normal high school teachers?

The news that Hoa Binh province is willing to spend VND1 billion to attract professors and associate professors to teach at the provincial school for the gifted has raised controversy.

Honesty, scientific integrity needed in granting of professor titles

Scandals are commonly seen every year when professor and associate professor titles are granted, which raises doubts about the qualifications of scientists and the talented of the society.

Universities warned to balance between admission target, training capacity

The Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) has just released a circular on determining enrolment quota for doctoral, master, bachelor degrees as well as college degree in preschool education (Circular No.3).

HCMC student obtains maximum score in exam for international diploma

Phan Ngoc Chau Anh, a student at Tran Dai Nghia High School in HCM City for the gifted, received the maximum score of nine for three subjects: English, Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

Many candidates for professorship title in economics face denouncement

A group of scientists has sent a letter of denunciation to the State Professorship Council, naming some candidates who published articles in so-called predators.

Covid-19 stokes parental concerns after schools reopen in Hanoi

School authorities and parents in Hanoi are worried about the rising number of Covid-19 infections among students and teachers.

Three universities are popular choices for 19 international Olympiad medalists

Of the 19 students winning medals at the 2021 international Olympiads, only two will study abroad. They mostly chose natural sciences for tertiary education – physics, chemistry, mathematics and information technology.

Council narrows downs list of candidates for professor of mathematics title

Some candidates for the titles of professor and associate professor in mathematics have been weeded out. The surprise that the figure was nearly 60 percent of the total.