vietnam targets launch of modern digital finance platform by 2025 picture 1

The goal is to establish a national modern, sustainable and integrated digital financial platform, contributing to strengthening the growth and resilience of the economy, and ensuring macroeconomic stability and financial security.

The ministry will proactively apply technological achievements from the 4th Industrial Revolution and follow the results of e-Government development towards gradually implementing the digital transformation of the financial sector, providing digital financial services, and actively participating in the development of a digital government, economy and society.

Indicators of e-finance development are hoped to be completed in 2022.

The ministry will strive to set up a modern, public and transparent digital financial platform by 2025 based on big data and open financial data. By 2030, a rich and modern digital financial ecosystem will be formed in all fields, ensuring the effectiveness and safety of information.

The finance sector will play a vital role in creating, connecting, sharing data and digitising platforms, comprehensively meeting the need of public finance transactions and use of digital information by the Government, people, businesses and organisations.

Additionally, civil servants and public employees will be trained on digital skills to facilitate the process.

Source: VNA