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US centre hands over Vietnamese martyrs’ artifacts to families

US Texas Tech University’s Vietnam Centre and Sam Johnson Vietnam Archive has handed over a collection of diaries and letters of Vietnamese soldiers, mostly of those who had died during the wartime in Vietnam, to their families and relatives.

German journalist’s new book tells stories about Vietnam war in 1972

German journalist Hellmut Kapfenberger has introduced his new book, which is a collection of writings and photos about the war in Vietnam in 1972.

Female drivers and glorious tracks on Truong Son Mountain

When Vu Thi Kim Dung, 75, opens an album of old photos, her eyes shine brightly. She recalls her time serving the Army as a truck driver on the Truong Son Mountains route.

Israeli Ambassador's emotional visit at Road 9 Martyr Cemetery

“In this cemetery alone, there are 10,700 graves. Peace is more important than anything you have in the world,” said Nadav Eshcar, Israeli Ambassador to Vietnam.

Outgoing US ambassador confident of stronger Vietnam-US partnership

Outgoing US Ambassador to Vietnam Daniel Kritenbrink expressed his optimism about the promising future of the US-Vietnam relations during a press briefing in Hanoi on April 7, reviewing his working term in Vietnam.

Vietnamese AO lawsuit makes French headlines

French newspapers have been reporting on a lawsuit filed by Vietnamese-French national Tran Thi To Nga against 14 multinational companies for their role in producing and selling chemical toxins that were sprayed by the US army during the Vietnam War.

US approves US$170 mln grant for Vietnam

US Congress has passed a far-reaching US$900 million COIVID-19 relief package together with US$1.4 trillion spending bill for 2021, in which the government will grant nearly US$170 million worth of assistance to Vietnam.

Evidence of American war crimes to be recognized

Hanoi attached a historical plaque to a wall relief to pay homage to 80 people killed by US air raids in Hanoi in 1972.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry: Together we can conquer the future

There is no way to solve the world's problems except by cooperating and helping each other, former US Secretary of State John Kerry has said.

Unexploded 450-kilo bomb unearthed in Quang Binh

An unexploded bomb weighing up to 450 kilos has been found in the central province of Quang Binh.

Former enemies heal the wounds and become friends

In March 1968, Ho Dai Dong and Stephens Nash Edmunds were on two sides of the battle in Chu Tan Kra Mountain.

Nations with more in common than people realise

A top US Marine based in Hanoi says he believes Vietnam and the US have a lot more in common these days than they ever had different.

A patriotic intellectual in profile

With extraordinary patriotism and energy, lawyer Nguyen Huu Tho overcame many temptations and the constraints of society at the time to become a leader of the South Vietnam liberation force,

Exhibition showcases the brutality of wars on Con Dao Island

A new exhibition to be held on Con Dao Island from July 17 will look at the horrible conditions Vietnamese patriots faced when they were captured during the resistance wars against the French and the US.

War veterans recall days fighting for the motherland

It has been over 40 years since the American War came to an end but unforgettable memories of historic days fighting for the liberation of the motherland still flood back to war veterans whenever they visit old battlefields.

Popular Vietnamese literature works you can’t miss

Reading not only provides you with bags of knowledge, but it is also a good way to kill time during the COVID-19. Here are some popular Vietnamese books that you can’t miss.

‘Cap sac’ ritual of Dao people

The ‘Cap Sac’ ritual is an indispensable proceeding in the life of every Dao male as it helps him earn the recognition of being mature enough to join in the community’s major activities.

The beauty of Vietnamese fisherman's life

Fishermen continue to work hard at sea with sun, wind and waves. The hard work of fishermen has created a unique beauty in labor. The beauty was recorded by Nguyen Van Truc - Thua Thien Hue.

Entertainment Events in Vietnam from October 28 to November 3

A selection of noteworthy artistic and cultural events to take place in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

‘Napalm girl’ tops list of world’s most powerful news images

The chilling image of a Vietnamese girl running naked from a napalm attack has topped the list of the most powerful news images that have shocked and amazed the world.