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Vietnam's hydro-meteorology investment must be one step ahead

Vietnam's investment in hydro-meteorology must be one step ahead and carried out in a modern way to provide accurate weather forecasts and warning bulletins.

New heat wave to bake Vietnam, temperature to rise to 42℃

A new heat wave is forecast to strike northern and central regions of Vietnam next week, with daytime temperatures to hit a high of 42℃, according to the National Centre for Hydro Meteorological Forecasting.

Heatwave covers regions across Vietnam

Regions across Vietnam are forecast to be blanketed in a heat wave, with some places to face extreme heat, on April 3.

Experts warned for the high UV index in Southern Vietnam

Experts say this puts human health at risk, and warn that avoiding sunlight is not enough, as UV exists during rainy and cloudy days.

Fewer storms to hit Vietnam this year

Vietnam is forecast to face fewer storms and tropical depressions in 2023 than in previous years, according to the Vietnam Meteorological and Hydrological Administration.

Extreme heat reaches peak in northern, central regions

The Northern and Central regions of Vietnam are experiencing a severe heat wave with daytime temperature reaching a record high in August, according to the National Centre for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting.

Severe heatwave hits north, central regions

Northern and north-central provinces are sizzling in a severe hot wave, with temperatures ranging from 37-40 degrees Celsius and even over 40 degrees C in some places, announced the National Centre for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting.

Natural disaster preparedness should be long-term: minister

Disaster prevention should be a radical, long-term strategy, based on new technology such as forecasting and remote sensing to minimise damage.

Storm heading towards Vietnam’s central region, expected to hit land on Friday

Noul, the fifth storm to enter the East Sea this year, is gaining strength, heading to the central region of Vietnam and expectedly makes land on Friday.

Tropical storm gains strength, heads toward Vietnam

A tropical storm has formed in the East Sea and is forecast to pick up forward speed before making landfall in Vietnam in a couple of days, according to the national weather authority (NCHF).

Heavy rains forecast nationwide

Many regions across the country are expected to see heavy rains from September 13 to 23, with downpours forecast mainly during the night and early morning, the National Hydro-meteorological Forecast Centre said.

Northern, central regions braced for latest heat wave

Northern and central regions of Vietnam are going through a spell of hot weather in early autumn with temperatures rising to between 35-36 degrees Celsius, according to the National Centre for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting.

Another storm likely to form in East Sea, heavy rain expected

A tropical low depression has formed in the East Sea and is likely to strengthen into a storm, the National Centre of Hydrometeorology and Forecasting said on August 17.


Tropical depression likely to develop into storm

A tropical depression currently located in the East Sea is likely to strengthen into a storm, therefore triggering torrential rain, possible landslides, and flashfloods throughout northern mountainous provinces.


Storm Sinlaku enters East Sea, downpours occur in northern, central regions

A tropical depression developed into a storm, named Sinlaku, at noon of August 1, becoming the second to enter the East Sea since the beginning of this year.

Heavy rains forecasted for Vietnam from August

Widespread heavy rains are forecasted to hit the northern and central regions from August 1 to 3.

Heavy rain forecast as tropical depression forms in East Sea

A low-pressure zone is currently building up in the East Sea area and is likely to develop into a tropical depression over the course of the next 24 hours, according to the National Centre for Hydro-meteorological Forecasting.


Northern Vietnam to see rainy days

The northern region of Vietnam has been forecasted to face rain until the end of this month following recent scorching hot spells.


Heatwave baking Vietnam's north, central regions

A heatwave with temperatures up to 38oC that began on Wednesday is set to continue baking the northern and central regions until Monday.

Nearly 55,000 ha of crops in Vietnam's central region hit by drought

Close to 55,000 ha of crops in the central region are lacking in water, according to the Directorate of Water Resources at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.