“Ben Do Chieu Mua” is a song composed and written by Tran Quang Hien - Ha Phuong’s father - based on the beautiful but tearful campus love story of his brother-in-law that took place 40 years ago when he was a college student.

In the music video, Tran Sang played the poor but handsome student, who loves music and falls for a girl who works at the school’s cafeteria, played by Ha Phuong.

The story took a turn when the man got set up by a colleague. The incident made his face deformed completely. Hence, the girl's family turned down the marriage and broke off the relationship.

The sorrowful and heart-wrenching lyrics get the audience to mourn for the couple. 

“The wedding invitation came to me as good news. You will be another man’s wife today. The porch drenched in despairing rain. How could I let you go? The rain is still falling but the boat is nowhere to be seen. Can someone take me to the other side so I can send my girl off.”

The overflowing love and beautiful memories of the loving days carves into the male lead’s heart, slowly eating away his self-esteem.

Though it happened over 40 years ago, the story is portrayed in a new and modern way of composing by Tran Quang Hien, at the same time preserving the emotional essence of it. Ha Phuong and Tran Sang impress the audience with their rich and sweet vocals that perfectly capture the sad love story.

The music video also features artists like Ngan Quynh, Thu Tuyet, Nguyen Duong, Long Ho, Lam Le, etc. The artists bring the story to its climax and take viewers on a ride of emotions.

Tran Quang Hien said that the song is indeed inspired by a real life event of his brother-in-law. At the end, the man and the girl did not end up together, but the romantic and haunting love story left an impact on everyone involved and moved the writer deeply. 

Ha Phuong - who is also known as Vietnamese American billionaire Chinh Chu’s wife - expressed her deep emotion to her uncle’s love story and said that it was the reason for her to tell the story through music, so that she can depict vividly what she wants the audience to know about it.

As someone who has heard the story from the main character, Ha Phuong could not help but cry. 

She said: “I shed tears when I first recorded the first few sentences as they were so poetic and so real. I myself know very well what my uncle had to go through, all of his pain and struggles after losing the love of his life to another man, as well as the inferiority complex he had. Through this project, I wish that it could be conveyed to my viewers.” 

Ha Phuong made several public appearances at a few events last year, but this is her first MV that she has released after several years of being inactive.

Ha Phuong explained: “To me, it is important to have a clear vision and plan in whatever I do. I am a person who loves to sing whenever I can and I have a lot that I want to do. However as an artist, I need to bring my fans the most polished and high quality piece of work.”