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Pickled shrimps are among the most popular side dishes in Vietnam’s central coast region. However, it is the version in Binh Dinh Province that is most appealing to food lovers because of its distinctive flavor.

Assorted duck dishes a delightful Hanoi delicacy

Duck meat is a popular food all over the world, but in Vietnam you can enjoy an assortment of duck dishes all in one meal.

Why are Vietnamese dishes favourites with foreigners?

The cuisine found in the northern region of Vietnam has been hailed by many international media outlets such as Cable News Network (CNN) and the World Records Union (WorldKings) of the United States for their uniqueness and delicacies.

Capital city’s royal signature dish

Cha Ca La Vong, or La Vong grilled fish, incorporates turmeric powder, ginger, dill and shrimp paste, offering special favor to provide one of the specialties of Hanoi.

Corn cake - a traditional dish of H’Mong people in Tuyen Quang

Corn cake is quite popular among the H'mong people in Tuyen Quang Province.

A popular Vietnamese dish

Banh hoi (rice vermicelli woven into intricate bundles) boasts not only a delicious flavor but also the way to enjoy it. The rice vermicelli is often served with roasted pork and sweet and sour fish sauce.

5 famous leaf cakes of Vietnam

There are many types of cakes in Vietnam, with different styles and flavors. 

“Scary” specialties in Vietnam

In addition to famous dishes, Vietnam has unique dishes made from fresh and uncooked ingredients that "challenge" the sight and taste of many people, particularly foreigners.

Vietnamese food: Fried mooncake

Autumn Festival means it's mooncake time! But one teacher in Hanoi is putting a whole new spin on this traditional dish. Watch our video to find out how.

Autumn must-try foods for visitors to Hanoi

When the autumn breezes blow, Hanoians often enjoy typical snacks that recall the flavors of childhood.

British chef introduces Vietnamese food to the world

Michelin-starred chef John Burton-Race has come to Vietnam to create meals with courses combining European and Vietnamese cuisines.

Canadian chef introduces Vietnamese cuisines on Food TV

VietNamNet Bridge – Pho Bo and iced Vietnamese coffee with milk, Vietnamese special gourmet cuisine and beverage will be introduced by Anna Olson, Canada chef in “Inspired with Anna Olson” food show.

Pictures of most delicious food

 VietNamNet Bridge - A website specializing in Vietnamese cuisine, Viet Street Food, recently posted attractive images together with the introduction of the most delicious street cuisine of Vietnam.

Vietnamese cuisine through the eyes of an American photographer

 VietNamNet Bridge – During his trip across the country, American photographer Chris Goldberg missed no opportunity to consume Vietnam’s great dishes – through not just his palate, but also his lens.

Culinary artisan Nguyen Dzoan Cam Van

We want to call her “a folk culinary artisan” because she has made great contributions to glorifying Vietnamese culinary culture. Her name has become familiar to most people who love the traditional culinary culture of Vietnam.

Hunter of Vietnamese delicacies

 In the Vietnamese cuisine circle, Chiem Thanh Long, Director of Binh Quoi Tourist Village, is known as the hunter of Vietnamese delicacies.

Vietnamese cuisines in the lens of German artist

 VietNamNet Bridge – Popular dishes of Vietnam like fish sauce, dried anchovies, nem lui ... look different in photos by German photographer Astrid Schulz.

Pictures of Vietnam cuisines on American magazine

 VietNamNet Bridge - The American Journal - Martha Stewart Living - a famous magazine dedicated to American women, has published a series of pictures of Vietnamese cuisine.

Vietnam vows to attract tourists as the “kitchen of the world”

 VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam has been suggested to introduce its diversified and special cuisine to the world to attract travelers. But what should it do?

Vietnamese cuisines get world honors

 VietNamNet Bridge - Baked bananas, bread with grilled pork, nem cua be, bun rieu cua ... are among the Vietnamese cuisines that are world well-known.