Some believe that it will be a big waste of money to compile the textbooks.

A former Deputy Minister of Education and Training said in the history of Vietnam’s education, textbooks for physical education have never existed. He said that only textbooks for teachers are needed.



According to Nguyen Quoc Vuong, a researcher, textbooks for physical and health education for students exist in Japan because the subject also covers knowledge about health science. The textbooks provide theoretical knowledge, drawings and more.

To prove his view, Vuong sent the link of the textbook for physical education for Japanese secondary school students. It describes the benefits of playing sports to keep a healthy body. The textbook introduces sports and fitness activities that Japanese people can practice daily. It also shows the sports that Japanese play at Olympics.

However, a high school teacher in Hanoi argued that Japan is not an example for Vietnam to follow because the Vietnamese curriculum is different from Japan's.

Many teachers and education experts have expressed surprise about the news that Vietnam will have textbooks for physical education at general schools.

Under the new general education program, first graders have total of 70 periods of physical education, and in most lessons, students are required to observe and imitate teachers’ movements. 

“No need to look at the books and read long explanations. Just look at the teachers and do exactly what the teachers tell students to do,” he said.

N.H.H, a physical exercise teacher at a primary school in Hanoi, who has been working for 20 years, said: "Students need to spend most of their time practicing rather than looking at textbooks."

Dr Bui Quang HIen, who has three children studying in Canada, said that Canadian students don’t have textbooks for this subject.

But Dang Ngoc Quang, chief editor of the Physical Education Curriculum, said that like other subjects, physical education also needs to have textbooks.

He said the new general education program is student-centered. The education system needs to provide students with materials for consideration, so that students can understand what they will learn, he said.

The amended Education Law ratified by the National Assembly in mid-June 2019 stipulates that there can be more than one set of textbooks for every subject. The compilation of textbooks will not use money from the state.

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Vietnam prepares for new general education program

Vietnam prepares for new general education program

Beginning in the 2020-2021 academic year, the new general education program will be applied throughout the country. MOET has begun receiving applications for textbooks compiled by organizations and individuals.