vietnamese internet speed ranks 39th globally picture 1

Specifically, the average download speed of the fixed broadband network locally stands at 91.6Mbps, up 9% over January, the highest speed Vietnam has ever recorded this year. In addition, the upload speed of the fixed broadband network stands at 93.38Mbps.

Furthermore, the Internet speed measurement system named i-SPEED by the Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) has also recorded similar results. Accordingly, the average download speed of fixed broadband increased by 4.6% in comparison to January.

This data highlights that the country’s fixed Internet speed has significantly improved recently thanks to great efforts made by the Ministry of Information and Communications.

Most notably, the Ministry has actively directed internet service providers to seek solutions to recent breakdowns of undersea fiber optic cable lines AAD, APG, AAE-1, IA, and SMW-3 connecting the country to the world.

The internet service providers have negotiated to purchase more fiber optic cable capacity on land, share capacity, and support each other in overcoming the crisis. Simultaneously, they have also invested in developing additional undersea fiber optic lines in a bid to meet the needs of local users.

These moves have greatly improved Vietnam’s fixed-bandwidth Internet speed ranking over recent times.

Source: VOV