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Incident disrupts intnernet connection on Asia-Africa-Europe 1 undersea cable

An incident occurred on the Asia-Africa-Europe 1 (AAE-1) undersea communication cable, affecting Internet connection from Vietnam to Singapore from September 27 morning.

Ministry considers disrupting internet connection of rule-breaking subscribers

Blocking violators on cyberspace aims to deter them, so they will not break the law again or try to stop avoid punishment by eliminating traces of their activity.

New decree on Internet services expected to 'clean up' cyberspace

Social networks will be required to remove content found in violation immediately. Such accounts, community pages and content channels will be locked. The heavy sanctions are expected to help clean up cyberspace.

Network operators join forces to prevent internet market collapse

Telecom carriers are trying to cool down the fierce competition in the fixed broadband internet market.

Vietnam ranks 44th in fixed broadband speeds

The nation ranked 44th in the world for fixed broadband speed in June in the Speedtest Global Index, according to Ookla, an American firm that describes itself as a global leader in network and connectivity intelligence.

APG undersea cable route to be restored by end of August

When the flaws on the S1.8 branch of APG undersea fiber optic cable route are completely fixed, slated for the end of August, 100 percent of internet international connection capacity from Vietnam will be restored.

Undersea internet cable to be fixed by late June

The repair of the S7 submarine internet cable linking Vietnam and the world has been scheduled to be completed by the end of this month.

Internet speeds up as four of five undersea cables repaired

Four out of the five international undersea cables that were damaged last year and early this year have been repaired, the Department of Telecommunications under the Ministry of Information and Communications announced on June 1.

One more undersea cable line fixed

The problems detected on Branch S1I of the America Asia Gateway (AAG) undersea cable linked with Vietnam have been fixed, resuming internet connection between Vietnam and Hong Kong (China).

Int'l internet connection improved as submarine cable fixed

The problems found in Branch S1I of the America Asia Gateway (AAG) undersea cable have been fixed, restoring the internet data connection between Vietnam and Hong Kong (China).

Repair completes for two broken undersea cables connecting VN with the world

Repair has been finished on two of the five broken undersea cables linking Vietnam with the world, namely Intra Asia (IA) and SMW3, according to the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC).

Two broken undersea cable lines repaired

According to a representative of the Department of Telecommunications, as of May 3, two undersea optical cable networks of IA and SMW3 were fixed. The remaining three routes are expected to be restored in May and June.

Two broken undersea cables linked to Vietnam fully restored

Two of the five broken undersea cables linked to the nation, including Asia Pacific Gateway (APG) and Intra Asia (IA), have been fully restored, according to the Ministry of Information and Communications at a press conference held on May 5.

Problems of undersea fiber optic cables remain unresolved

Following problems with undersea fiber optic cables, Vietnamese telecom carriers have spent a lot of money to lease land transmission channels to ensure internet connection and improve the quality of some services.

Elon Musk’s Starlink wants to bring satellite internet to Vietnam

Starlink has shown its willingness to cooperate with Vietnam and bring satellite internet services provided by the company owned by billionaire Elon Musk to Vietnam.

Satellite Internet sees promising future in Vietnam

Despite having been launched in Vietnam for a long time, satellite Internet does not have a wide market due to its high price. The situation might improve with the introduction of SpaceX’s satellite internet constellation Starlink.

Vietnam moves up in ranking of internet speed

The quality of internet service has improved following instructions by the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC). Vietnam now ranks 39th globally in terms of fixed internet and 52nd in mobile internet speed.

Vietnamese internet speed ranks 39th globally

Vietnam’s fixed broadband Internet speed in February jumped up six notches to 39th position worldwide compared to January, according to the rankings compiled by the Speedtest Global Index.

Four undersea cable routes to be fixed soon

Of the five international undersea cable routes that have problems, only the fault on the SMW3 route has yet to be scheduled for repair.

Internet quality improves after fiber optic cables are purchased

Vietnamese network operators have purchased more fiber optic cable capacity on land after five undersea fiber optic cable routes faced problems.