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The Asia Pacific Gateway (APG) undersea cable, which connects eight countries and territories in the region, is facing problems with its S1.7 section, about 910km from Southeast Asia.

Repeatedly broken undersea Internet cables cause annoyance among VN users

Undersea fiber-optic cables in Vietnam have continuously met trouble, including the broken AAG on October 22, 2021 and the broken APG on December 5, 2021.

Two undersea cables APG and IA repaired

The problems occurring on two international submarine fiber optic cable lines APG and IA have been fixed. Currently, only the AAG cable remains interrupted.

Underwater cable problem results in slow internet speed in Vietnam

In addition to the two international submarine cables, AAG and APG, which have had problems since last year, the Intra-Asia (IA) submarine cable broke down on February 18, slowing down Internet speed in Vietnam.

Vietnam's Internet quality improves

Speedtest has announced the quality of Vietnam's Internet in the fourth quarter of 2021, showing that service improved significantly compared to the previous period.

Internet infrastructure to get strong investment this year

Internet infrastructure in the country is set to receive considerable investment in 2022 to meet users’ growing demand.

Vietnam's submarine fiber optic cables break about 10 times a year

Vietnam needs to have solutions to strengthen the international Internet connection infrastructure on par with other countries in the region.

Internet price in Vietnam one of cheapest in the world

The Internet price is classified as one of the cheapest in the world, while the Internet speed in Vietnam is rated as good. 

Report on Vietnam Internet, Internet resources 2021 released

The Vietnam Internet Network Information Centre (VNNIC) on December 15 announced a report on Vietnam Internet and Internet resources with the theme “Internet for all”.

Two of three international submarine fiber optic cables repaired

Problems affecting the APG and AAE-1 submarine fiber optic cables, which have slowed Internet speed in Vietnam for months, have been fixed.

AAG submarine cable fixed, Internet speed to improve

The error on the S1B branch connecting Hong Kong with Singapore of the AAG international submarine fiber optic cable has been fixed. 

Internet speed in Vietnam is below world average

Speedtest statistics showed that the download speed of mobile networks in Việt Nam reached 42.46 Mbps in July, lower than the world average of 55.07 Mbps.

Internet speed expected to improve after AAE-1 submarine cable is fixed in mid-Nov

Two errors on the S1H branch of the AAE-1 submarine cable are scheduled to be fixed on November 2-14, a local Internet service provider (ISP) told VietNamNet.

Asia-Africa-Europe 1 undersea cable runs into problems, affecting VN internet connection

The Asia-Africa-Europe 1 (AAE-1) undersea fiber optic cable had a problem on the S1H section on September 4, affecting the internet connection from Vietnam to Singapore.

Quality of Vietnam's Internet to be tested weekly

From August 2021, the Vietnam Telecommunications Authority (Ministry of Information & Communications) will announce the weekly test results of Vietnam's Internet quality based on user experience.

Internet speed index in Vietnam to be updated regularly

The Department of Telecom at the Ministry of Information and Communications will publish the weekly index of Vietnam’s internet quality on its portal starting this month, announced the Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) on August 11.

Vietnam ranks 8th in the world for IPv6 application

By the end of July 2021, Vietnam climbed up by two spots for IPv6 application compared to 2020, ranking 2nd in Southeast Asia and 8th in the world, with 45% of Internet users or more than 34 million users accessing IPv6 Internet.

People complain about slow internet speed during social distancing

Internet service providers are bearing pressure as people’s daily activities now rely more on the internet during social distancing.

AAG undersea cable fixed, Internet speed back to normal

The incident occurring on July 19 on the AAG international undersea fiber optic cable route has been fixed. International Internet services resumed on July 31.

Two undersea optical cables to be fixed the next few days

The incident that occurred on June 22 on the AAG cable route will be fixed from July 2, while repair of the AAE-1 undersea fiber optic cable route will take place on July 2-11.