VietNamNet Bridge - The world’s leading universities will include talented Vietnamese who will enroll this year. 

Ton Hien Anh

1. Coming first in high-school finals in Australia, first in the entrance exam to chemistry major class of the HCM City High School for Talented Students, obtaining maximum GPA and SAT 2, having nearly maximum TOEFL scores and winning a gold medal at a chemistry competition – all these achievements were gained by Hai Chau, the Vietnamese student who has been granted a full scholarship of $200,000 to study at Stanford University.

Some other leading schools in the US also agreed to grant scholarships to Chau, including California Institute of Technology, Middlebury, Grinnell and Richmond.

2. Nguyen Thi Ha Giang (1997), a 12th grader in the English majoring class of the Ha Tinh provincial High School for the Gifted, has been informed by six schools in the US about their agreement on scholarships.

The schools include Pizer College, a well-known liberal education school with very low acceptance rate of 13 percent. The school which only admits several international students a year has agreed to grant acscholarship worth $64,000 a year it is the Number 1 choice for the girl.

The other five schools are Columbia college in South Carolina, University of Cincinnati, Sienna College, Troy University and Drexel University.

3. Ton Hien Anh, from the Chinese majoring class of the Hanoi-Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, has enrolled in Harvard University with full scholarship of $320,000.

4. Nguyen Hoang Bao Uyen, a Russian majoring student of the Hanoi-Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, has enrolled in Minerva which has a very low acceptance rate of 1.9 percent.

Uyen is well-known among Hanoi’s high school students as the chair of Puzzles Hanoi.

The girl will study urban programming at Minerva with a need-blind scholarship.

5. Tran Thi Dieu Lien, the English majoring student at Le Hong Phong School, the daughter of a cleaner, has been admitted to Harvard University with a scholarship of $302,920 for four years of study.

Born to a family with limited financial capability, Lien understands that everything in her life will depend on her capability and efforts.

6. Vo Tuong An has become famous in Vietnam after persuading more than 10 prestigious schools in the world to grant scholarships. These include Ivy League schools Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Dartmouth and Stanford.

7. Tran Bao Ngoc, a Muong ethnic minority student from the Hanoi University of Education’s High School for the Gifted, has obtained the scholarship of $240,000 from Duke University.