Ha Trung Kien, the founder of Gapo


Ha Trung Kien, the founder of Gapo, the second largest Vietnamese social network with 6 million users, made an impressive presentation about the importance of Vietnam-made digital platforms at the national forum on digital technology firm development.

In 2020, Vietnam had 800,000 operational businesses. In 2021, 85,000 new businesses were set up, while 13,000 were dissolved, more than 45,000 were suspended and 28.2 million workers were affected (losing jobs, having lower income).

The pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation process at enterprises. It has helped optimize operation costs and leaders make decisions quickly and accurately, thanks to information systems and real-time reports, thus allowing businesses to increase their competitiveness.

According to Kien, most large corporations are going digital. The pandemic has prompted them to find solutions to optimize costs, so there will be a shift from using foreign service platforms to ‘Make-in-Vietnam’ platforms.

He believes that Make-in-Vietnam platforms have the advantages of understanding what Vietnam’s businesses need and can customize products to best satisfy businesses. Moreover, Vietnamese support teams are always ready at costs lower than foreign platforms.

However, Vietnamese users still have doubts about the quality of Vietnam-made products. To solve this problem, it’s necessary to run media campaigns to make people better understand Vietnam-made products. However, the most important feature is that Vietnam-made products must solve questions of Vietnamese users.

One of the common questions of many businesses cited by Kien is personnel attachment in institutions, which has direct impact on business results.

Deloitte found that 87 percent of businesses have problems in ineffective transactions among staff, which affects business results, resignation rate, and working performance. Once the problem is solved, this will create a positive impact on business.

According to the Gallup Organization, business results may increase by 22 percent if businesses have high personnel cohesion. Meanwhile, a survey of University of Warwick found that workers’ performance can increase by 12 percent if they are happy about their jobs.

Many businesses are using popular software for communications, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Zalo and Viber. However, they have to face problems in information security.

If using specific services, businesses will have to pay $3-8/head/month, which means $40,000 a month for 5,000 workers, a huge amount of money for many businesses.

Gapo is providing Gapowork, a Make-in-Vietnam set of tools which can solve the Vietnamese problem. The solution helps officers in businesses connect with each other easily at a reasonable cost. 

Trong Dat

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