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More than 2,500 websites with Vietnamese domains were attacked in the third quarter, meaning Vietnam stands in 10th in terms of the largest number of cyber attacks in the world.

Over 1,000 VN websites hacked within two-week period

 VietNamNet Bridge – Security Daily’s monitoring system found that 1,039 websites were hacked in the first two weeks of September, but the hacked organizations do not seem to be concerned.

120 Vietnamese websites revived, 173 others warned

 VietNamNet Bridge – Of the websites hacked by Chinese, 120 have resumed their normal operation. However, 173 other websites have been warned that they have security holes making them vulnerable to hackers.

Two Chinese hackers blamed for attack on over 200 Vietnamese websites

Security experts from VNCERT (the Vietnam Computer Emergency Response Team) and BKAV, have confirmed that 220 websites have been hacked by Chinese, but dismissed reports that a Vietnam-China cyberwar is underway.

BKAV: 40% of Vietnamese websites have security holes

 VietNamNet Bridge – Security holes are found on 40% of Vietnamese websites compared with the world average of 22%, according to security firm BKAV.