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The color of prosperity in H’mong villages

The H’mong people have two forms of farming: slash-and-burn and wet rice farming.

Close-up of a wedding ceremony of Red Dao people

The wedding customs of the Red Dao people have many unique features, which have been passed down through many generations and still retain their very own identity.

Unique loincloth costume of the Gie - Trieng people

The costumes of the Gie - Trieng ethnic people are simple and unique. Notably, the men's loincloth has a very unique pattern design. This is an indispensable outfit for every festival.

Red Dao folk singing competitions organized to preserve traditional culture

Restoring, preserving, and developing the value of the tortoise-catching dance of the Red Dao people has become both an urgent and long-term task.

Measures taken to develop Mong people’s flax products

Lung Tam commune in Quan Ba district, Ha Giang province is located in a small valley surrounded by rocks on four sides. Lung Tam commune is at the foot of the mountains, next to the Mien River.

Xinh Mun people celebrate traditional festival

Sà Típ Festival begins with the ritual offering, which is then followed by the activities of drinking rice wine, enjoying the feast and dancing to the rhythms of the drums and gongs.

Traditional Tet of Vietnamese ethnic minorities

As Tet approaches, the festive atmosphere covers every corner of Vietnam. Each ethnic group has its own way of celebrating in terms of timing, rituals, customs and cuisine, creating a colourful panorama in the tapestry of national Tet celebrations.

Si La headscarf serves as symbol of love

The unique headscarves worn by the ethnic Si La women serve as a sign of their fidelity and devotion to the married life.

Mong people celebrate traditional New Year festival

This traditional folk festival honours the ethnic and cultural identity, and promotes the historical, cultural and tourism potential of the two communes to domestic and international tourists.

Nung An ethnic people preserve unique craft of making conical hats

The Nung An ethnic people in the northern mountainous province of Cao Bang have preserved their unique craft of making conical hats for years.

Technology implemented to store indigenous weaving heritage

A group of Vietnamese youth has launched a meaningful project to store traditional weaving patterns of ethnic minorities via digital tools.

Reviving Ê Đê brocade weaving: a creative journey

Collective efforts have been made to rekindle the ancient craft of Ê Đê handloom weaving.

The new rice ritual of the Co Tu

The new rice celebration is one of the most important rituals of the Co Tu ethnic minority to show their gratitude to heaven and earth for giving them good weather and bumper crops.

The magic of ethnic Tay stick puppetry

Stick puppetry is often performed by the Tày people on traditional holidays, the Lunar New Year, as well as on the first and fifteenth day of each lunar month.

Festival for ethnic groups with less than 10,000 people slated for Nov.

The first festival of ethnic minority groups with population of less than 10,000 will be held in Lai Chau city in the northern mountainous province of Lai Chau from November 3-5.

Co Tu thanksgiving ceremony for wife’s parents

The Co Tu ethnic group has many special rituals and customs, including a thanksgiving ceremony for the parents of one’s wife that honors family morality and demonstrates the son-in-law’s filial piety towards his wife’s family.

Cultural space of Vietnam's 54 ethnic groups presented on “digital museum”

A collection of hundreds of high-quality photos depicting the culture and life of 54 ethnic minority groups across Vietnam is being on display for the first time on the global digital platform, Google Arts & Culture.

Ethnic women in skirts play football in mountainous market

Ethnic women’s football is a tourist attraction here as it reflects the cultural and spiritual lives of the ethnic minority people.

Vietnam and Laos exchange experiences on ethnic affairs

On September 21, at the National Assembly building, the Vietnamese National Assembly’s Ethnic Council coordinated with the Lao National Assembly’s Ethnic Committee to organize a workshop to exchange experiences between the two agencies.

Young woman weaves brighter future

Like many Hrê ethnic youths in Teng Village in the central province of Quang Ngai, Pham Thi Y Hoa is overwhelmed with pride when she wears the distinctive traditional brocade costume of her ethnic group.