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EVN fears loss of millions of dollars when selling electricity to Laos

Replying to the suggestion on bilateral clearing of electricity volume bought and purchased between Vietnam and Laos, Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) said that no legal basis exists to implement this kind of solution.

Will new pricing scheme lead to dramatic electricity retail price hike?

The Ministry of Industry and Trade’s (MOIT) draft decision on adjusting average electricity prices includes information on whether losses incurred from electricity production activities will be counted when calculating retail prices.

Adjusting electricity price every three months reasonable: EVN

EVN says that when electricity production cost decreased by 1 per cent or more, the average electricity retail price would be reduced at the...

Power enterprises see bright future despite poor results in Q2/2023

Demand for electricity is expected to continue to rise rapidly as the country’s economic growth regains momentum in the near future.

Government urges EVN to complete electricity pricing mechanism

The Vietnamese government has requested that the MoIT amend and supplement the mechanism for adjusting the average retail price of electricity and the structure of the retail electricity tariff.

Ministry proposes DPPA to attract investors to electricity industry

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) has conducted research on a pilot DPPA (direct power purchase agreement) scheme which would allow consumers to buy electricity directly from power-generating units instead of through EVN.

Audit finds loss of more than VND20 trillion at EVN

In its recently audited financial report, the Vietnam Electricity (EVN) announced a loss of VND20 trillion, attributing it to the acquisition of electricity at costs exceeding its selling prices.

MoIT proposes electricity retail prices with highest rate of US$0.15 per Kwh

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) is receiving opinions for the draft decision of the Prime Minister on determining electricity retail prices for households, residential consumers and production.

Desire to switch from coal-fired energy

The urgency to convert coal-fired power facilities to alternative fuels is intensifying, with the Vietnamese government adopting a plan to convert coal to biomass and ammonia.

13 renewable power projects connected to national grid

By June 27, 13 renewable energy power plants or projects with a combined capacity of 640.52MW have completed commercial operation date (COD) procedures and are now generating commercial electricity to the grid.

How to attract investment in power projects

The state encourages all economic sectors in Vietnam and overseas to make investments in the power sector. However, the country is still suffering from electricity outages.

Solutions for stable and sustainable power sources

There should be a clear and transparent mechanism so that investors can rest assured in spending money to build renewable power sources.

Localities pinning hopes on PDP8 to help beat the heat

Hydro and coal account for nearly 95 per cent of northern Vietnam’s energy supply, but hydro is running at around a quarter of capacity while coal capacity is just over three-quarters.

Several large power projects are behind schedule, the north in state of suspense

A number of hydraulic and thermal power projects in the north are under execution. Many of them have been proceeding slowly for many years, and it is unclear when they will be completed.

When will residents be able to choose an electricity retailer?

Building a competitive retail electricity market, where Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) is no longer the only buyer and seller, is the path that Vietnam has to choose. However, there are still challenges ahead.

11 hydropower plants cease production

Water flows have dropped to the point that 11 hydropower plants have to stop generating to ensure safety, causing a shortage of about 5,000MW in the north.

Wheels begin to turn for energy plan

The newly approved Power Development Plan VIII could open up new space for the country to realise its green path and eliminate bottlenecks in deploying renewable energy.

PM requests inspection of electricity supply

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh has instructed the Ministry of Trade and Industry to establish a team to inspect the electricity supply of Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN) from 2021 to June of this year.

PM orders solutions to ensure power supply in dry season

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh has ordered drastic measures to ensure electricity supply in this dry season and the coming time.

Minister explains why Vietnam imports electricity from China and Laos

Minister of Industry and Trade Nguyen Hong Dien says Vietnam imports electricity from China and Laos, but the import volume is small, and is mostly provided to border areas.