The Kim Chinh private museum in Kim Chinh commune, Kim Son district of Ninh Binh province preserves more than 3,000 war artifacts, agricultural tools of the Northern Delta, and items of the subsidized economy period.

There are about 1,000 war artifacts in this special museum. The most special is the Soviet-made single-man MiG-21 jet fighter.
A Su fighter aircraft restored and displayed at the museum.
Mr. Nguyen Van Tu, the manager and founder of this private museum, said: “From the fact that my father left some bombs from the wartime, I want future generations to see how hard the true history that their previous generation experienced. I build this museum and expect that the people, the young generation to observe that: This is the voice of history!".
Wings and propellers of MiG-21 jet fighters.
An impressive missile system.
MiG-21 aircraft engine manufactured by the Soviet Union, aided to Vietnam during the war.
Mr. Duong Van Don, the museum's director, and his associates spent 15 years traveling all over the country, to battlefields such as Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Hue, Cu Chi tunnels... to collect thousands of war artifacts.
Kim Chinh Museum is the largest private museum in Ninh Binh province, licensed in May 2020.
A bunker is also recreated at the museum.
Warheads of various sizes and types on display at the museum.
The Jeeps for transportation and travel in wartime.
Kim Chinh museum opens the whole week.
Many bomb shells, torpedoes... are on display.
In addition to war artifacts, Kim Chinh Museum also displays thousands of artifacts of the ancient northern countryside and the subsidy period such as food and goods stamps.

Tran Nghi