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No trip to Hanoi is complete without a visit to the city's iconic West Lake. But have you tried one of its traditional delicacies? These crispy shrimp cakes are the perfect complement to a day by the water's edge.


Quinoa crab soup- healthy comfort food

Quinoa, originated from South Africa is packed with protein, fiber and various vitamins and minerals. The combination of quinoa and crab meat in soup helps create a nutrient and mouthwatering dish.

Honouring Vietnam’s culinary culture

The word “banh mi” (Vietnamese bread) was admitted into the Oxford English Dictionary, one of the world’s most prestigious dictionaries, on March 24, 2011, showing the international community’s recognition for Vietnam’s culinary culture.

Vietnamese food: Pomelo dessert

This pomelo dessert won’t leave a bitter taste in your mouth, in fact, people love the sweet treat of fruit, tapioca and beans. Try it out!


‘Pho’ cooked with medicinal plant materials

‘Pho’ and medicinal plant materials are two ingredients which are often thought to not be harmonious when mixed together.

Vietnamese food: Crab hotpot

When it comes to cooking freshwater crab hotpot, it’s all about the freshness.

Cassava sweet soup: A perfect dessert for winter day

‘Che san nong’ (cassava sweet soup) is a Vietnamese traditional food which is a perfect dessert for winter day.


'Cha com' brings taste of Hanoi’s autumn

Unlike other kinds of cha, which are mainly composed of aquacultural ingredients, cha com is mainly made of com (young sticky rice flakes) and has the subtle scent of new rice.