Photographer Khanh Phan, 35, from HCM City.

Khanh Phan, 35, from HCM City showed her artistic touch and love for nature from a young age. In 2017, she was charmed by photography and began to capture artistic photos, pursuing her passion.

In the early years, she worked at a bank while taking advantage of her free time to take pictures. In September 2022, she quit her job and devoted all her time and energy to her passion when she turned 34. 

Khanh Phan has won many renowned international awards in photography such as gold and silver prizes in the Tokyo International Foto Awards (TIFA) international photo contest in 2020; Sony International Photo Contest; Travel Photographer of the Year 2020, and others.

Recalling the early days of her career, Khanh Phan said she was mainly self-taught, and learned through the internet, and looked at photos of colleagues and famous photographers to hone her skills in photography and post-production. 

She became more experienced through the process of trial and error, confidently pursuing her preferred career.

She has visited most of Vietnam's provinces and cities and a number of countries to satisfy her passion for composing and "hunting" for beautiful landscapes.  

For her, every trip to create artwork is an opportunity.

Photography has many genres and each needs different elements to "birth" the most beautiful and impressive pictures, Khanh Phan said. 

Currently, she is pursuing two main themes: culture and art-oriented tourism so that she can freely take photos as she wants. 

She says she wants to honor hardworking women and to beautify the world, while at the same time spreading the beauty of Vietnamese culture to the world.

Other excellent works of the female photographer from Thai Binh:

“Fisherman in coconut jungle” 
"Fish market on the beach".
“Mending net” won the Travel category award held by Wanderlust Magazine 2019.
“Across the field" taken in Thang Binh, Quang Nam province won the first prize in the People category of the Drone Siena Awards 2019; exhibited in Siena, Tuscan, Italy in 2020 and Youth Photo Festival in 2019.
"Flower on the water" won the first prize in the People category at the 2018 Skypixel contest and was published in famous photography magazines - Geo Magazine and Asia Airline Magazine, and others.
Most recently, Khanh Phan won the Grand prize of the Skypixel 2023 contest with the "Flower dress" photo taken in Moc Hoa, Long An, documenting the activities of women harvesting water lilies during the flood season in the South, forming a flower dress on the water. 

Linh Chi