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Quinoa, originated from South Africa is packed with protein, fiber and various vitamins and minerals. The combination of quinoa and crab meat in soup helps create a nutrient and mouthwatering dish.

Hanoi’s Fried Spring Roll

Each spring roll is a combination of delicious flavors combined with fresh ingredients. It’s also one of Vietnamese best dishes.

Honouring Vietnam’s culinary culture

The word “banh mi” (Vietnamese bread) was admitted into the Oxford English Dictionary, one of the world’s most prestigious dictionaries, on March 24, 2011, showing the international community’s recognition for Vietnam’s culinary culture.

Besides beautiful beaches, Phan Thiet also offers delicious cuisine

Besides beautiful resorts and beaches, Phan Thiet Beach Town also offers delicious cuisine with delicacies ranging from sweet to savory.


Phia Den mountain: Hometown of glass noodles

Phia Den mountain, Cao Bang province, is considered hometown of glass noodle as natural conditions here are ideal for not only growing its ingredient – canna, but also for its making process.

Tuber pickles and dried radish salad, two must-try dishes of Nghe An

The central coastal province of Nghe An well known for its beautiful beaches such as Cua Lo and Quynh Bang, and also its local specialties such as the popular dưa món (tuber pickles ) and nộm củ cải khô (dried radish salad).

Thanh Tri steamed roll rice pancakes made from red dragon fruit

The owner of a famous “banh cuon” restaurant at 26B Tho Xuong Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, made special steamed roll rice pancakes from red dragon fruit.

‘Cha tom’: A delicious dish of Thanh Hoa

Anyone who eats Cha tom nuong (grilled shrimp rolls), a delicious dish of Thanh Hoa Province, will never forget its distinctive flavour.

Popular Banh Mi shops located through Old Quarter in Hanoi

As one of the nation’s moved loved street foods, Banh Mi on sale in Hanoi’s Old Quarter has established a reputation among both locals and foreign tourists.

Soya sauce – a delicacy of Hung Yen

Tương Bần (Ban soya sauce) has been a delicacy of northern Vietnam since the end of the 19th century. It is a delicacy found in Ban Yen Nhan Ward in My Hao Town, Hung Yen province.

Smaller, tastier, healthier: the Van Dinh duck

The name of Van Dinh village in Hanoi's Ung Hoa district will ring a bell in the minds of traditional food aficionados all over the country.

Đà Lạt's bánh căn: creamy goodness

When searching for top dishes to try in Da Lat City in the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong, the phrase bánh căn (custard cake) comes up a lot.

Banh bo: A famous sweet cake of An Giang Province

‘Banh bo thot not’ (steamed rice cake with palm sugar) is a famous sweet cake from An Giang Province where large areas of palm trees grow.

Farmers earn big from sandworms

Every year, between the 9th and 10th months of the lunar year, farmers in the northern city of Haiphong earn big money from harvesting sandworms.

'Cha com' brings taste of Hanoi’s autumn

Unlike other kinds of cha, which are mainly composed of aquacultural ingredients, cha com is mainly made of com (young sticky rice flakes) and has the subtle scent of new rice.


CNN travel recommends 10 must-try street foods in Vietnam

 CNN travel describes pho as a simple staple, consisting of a salty broth, fresh rice noodles, a sprinkling of herbs and chicken or beef. It features predominately in the local diet. 

Top 10 expensive dishes in Vietnam

 VietNamNet Bridge – In Vietnam, Dong Tao chicken, Anh Vu fish, Emperor crabs or chia voi fish (Proteracanthus sarissophorus), are food for the rich only.

Vietnamese chefs to serve a taste of "Gout de France"

 Famous chefs from Vietnam will join more than 1,000 chefs from all over the world for the second "Gout de France" (Good France) to celebrate French gastronomy on March 21.

Connoisseurs to explore Vietnamese, Israeli cuisine similarities

 The Israeli Embassy in Vietnam will host a week of Vietnamese and Israeli cuisine from January 18 to 24, offering chances for food connoisseurs to figure out similarities in the countries’ cooking styles.

VN food contributes to creating friendship in Australia

VietNamNet Bridge – Two overseas Vietnamese women have opened their restaurants in the south of Australia introducing Vietnamese culture and traditional food to international friends. Report by the Voice of Vietnam Radio.