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How can VN stock market attract 'super' investors?

Some government officials say Vietnam needs to attract ‘eagles’, as it calls big and 'super-big' investors, to help upgrade the stock market.

VN bond market remains underdeveloped despite years of existence

While in developed markets, corporate bonds act as the major channel that conducts capital for the economy, in Vietnam it is still in a very early stage of development.

VN stock market grows rapidly in last 20 years

As of the end of 2019, the capitalization value of the securities market at HCM City Stock Exchange (HOSE) had reached 3.28 million of billion of VND, or 54.3 percent of GDP with 2.3 million investors’ accounts.

Large corporations increase borrowing through bond issuance

A report from the Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) showed that the biggest corporate bond issuers in H1 were enterprises related to the richest billionaires.


VN stock market: opportunities still exist in some fields

The Vietnamese stock market may have found a new equilibrium in current price areas, according to Mirae Asset.

Listed firms buy more treasury stocks to prevent price falls

Many listed companies plan to buy tens of trillions of dong in treasury stocks.

Big players enter Vietnamese stock market

A large amount of cash released in quantitative easing packages by central banks will be an abundant source of capital for the domestic stock market in the near future.

VN stock market attracts new investors as deposit interest rates drop

Disappointed by modest bank deposit interest rates, people are rushing to trade securities to seek higher profits.

More investors join Vietnamese stock market, cash flows in

As many as 102,000 trading accounts opened in the last months, showing the attractiveness of the stock market.

Finance Ministry measures expected to lure capital flow to stock market

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) has proposed raising the limit of credit for securities investments as a solution to help businesses seek capital.

Stock market: seasonal effects won’t occur this year

The stock market experienced a sharp decline in Q1. KIS Vietnam has advised investors not to ‘sell in May and go away’.

Covid-19 changes positioning of largest securities companies in Vietnam

The number of securities companies that saw profits decrease or took losses in Q1 were much higher than the number of companies that maintained growth.

Will the VN Index recover after Covid-19?

Experts all think the appearance of a new cash flow for bottom fishing will help the stock market recover after a strong correction during Covid-19.

Record high number of new accounts on VN stock market opened

The number of newly opened accounts has reached a record high at a time when the stock market has fallen sharply.

Stock indexes increase, glimmer of hope for recovery

Signs of recovery appeared last week as the stock price stopped sliding.

Listed companies rush to buy treasury stocks to stabilize share prices

Tens of listed companies plan to spend trillions of dong to buy treasury stocks in an aim to prevent stock prices from falling.

Covid-19 wipes out $44 billion from Vietnam’s stock market

As the covid-19 epidemic has been escalating, the market capitalization value has been sliding. Market losses have reached $44 billion.

Are Vietnam’s securities cheap?

The VN Index has decreased by 156 points, or 17.7 percent, since the beginning of March.

VN Index falls amid Covid-19 fears

Securities companies have launched many support packages and incentives to retain investors while waiting for state management agencies to apply measures to revive the stock market.

Vietnam’s stock market has tough time in February

The Vietnamese stock market had a tough time throughout February with most stocks weakening amid concern about the global spread of the coronavirus disease(COVID-19).