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People with an income of at least VNĐ11 million (US$476) per month will have to pay personal income tax as of Wednesday (July 1), increasing from the previous level of VNĐ9 million ($389).

New policies, penalties come into effect in April

A range of new policies will come into effect this month, including fines of up to VNĐ100 million (US$4,192) for business owners who fail to pay their employees.

New policies take effect since March, 2020

Fresh regulations on handling administrative violations, credits for reformed prostitutes, Vietnamese nationality, alcohol trading shall come into force since March 2020.


Administrative reform efforts to contribute to ensuring human rights

When it comes to efforts to ensure human rights in Vietnam, the positive changes in administrative procedure reform must be mentioned.


Fresh policies take effect in Vietnam since May 2019

A series of policies on false denunciations, new emission standards for second-hand vehicle imports, Labor Code on licensing outsourcing services shall take effect from May 2019.


New policies take effect in June

A series of polices on road maintenance, investments from the social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance funds will come into effect from June.

Real estate business: restrictions for foreign investors

  Real estate is one of the areas that attracts great interest from investors in Việt Nam. However, investment in this sector is currently restricted by quite a few regulations.