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Many local property developers are looking to investment opportunities overseas to expand and grow.

LNG the fuel of the future

Foreign investors need a smoother passage before bringing much-needed LNG projects to life in Vietnam.

Coffee on the run

The way coffee is bought and consumed in Vietnam is changing as new players work hard to get their name out there.

Edtech a promising space

The views of a range of stakeholders on what the future holds for edtech.

Tech to take insurance to the next level

Technology is set to change the face of the insurance industry, analysts said.

Fintech putting pressure on banks

Mr. Marc Djandji, Entrepreneur in Residence at VIISA's Fintech Lab, talks about the mark fintech is making in Vietnam.

Huge opportunities await foreign telco investors

Mr. Sesto E Vecchi, Managing Partner at Russin & Vecchi, and Mr. Chu Bao Khanh, Associate, talk about the prospects for Vietnam's telecommunications industry attracting foreign investment.

Corporate culture a question of character

At times neglected, a strong corporate culture is a key factor in success.

Race to be +1

Vietnam is in the sights of many foreign manufacturers keen to move production away from China as US tariffs begin to rise.