VietNamNet Bridge – Despite the economic downturn and the decrease in incomes, Vietnamese still hunt for luxurious and expensive things to give to their “big bosses” as the thanks for job opportunities.


Gold inlaid products on the rise

Observers have noted that the products made of gold are the main choice for Tet gifts in the Year of Snake 2013.

Long, Director of Thinh Dat International JSC, which specializes in providing gifts, has noted that in the economic difficulties, the number of orders is lower than the previous year, but the value of each order is higher.

In previous years, restoratives made of precious herbs and animals were favored. Meanwhile, gold inlaid products are selling very well.

According to Long, medium-class Tet gifts could be the products inlaid with 24k gold. For example, a set of 12 animal designations in Oriental philosophy is priced at VND1.6 million, a statue of the God of Wealth or euro and dollar banknotes are selling at VND2-2.2 million.

The products have been ordered in big quantities by commercial banks and big corporations which would be given to their partners as the Tet gifts to celebrate a year of successful cooperation.

Those, who demand more luxurious gifts, would choose ceramic porcelain vases inlaid with gold, gold plated watches or paintings. The high class products are priced at between tens of millions of dong and hundreds of millions of dong, depending on the sizes and the sophistication of the products.

A 24k gold plated watch with the size 44 x 18 x 53 cm can be bought at VND37 million. Meanwhile, a 103 x 56 x 225cm watch with more sophisticated carved lines could be valued at VND180.5 million.

Similarly, the gold inlaid paintings with peach blossoms, a symbol of Tet and the spring, are priced at between VND50 million and VND100 million.

According to Nguyen Thuy Hoa, the owner of a gift shop on Vo Van Dung street in Hanoi, the special products are expensive not only because of the 24k gold, but also because of the artistic designs.

“Most of the products are hand made with limited quantity. Therefore, you will not find absolutely similar products,” Hoa said, adding that the products would be made to order, while they are not available at the shop.

“You can order handicrafts to create the products in the way you want. Especially, you can write down your names and dates on the paintings,” she said.

It seems that though Vietnamese people are poor, they still can afford luxurious products. This explains why the products still can catch much attention from people, despite their sky high prices.

Giving apartments as Tet gifts, why not?

This is really a good idea initiated by some big guys in the real estate sector. Instead of the envelops with thousands of dollars inside, the big guys come to the houses of their partners and high ranking officials with … they keys to apartments.

These prove to be the original Tet gifts, because apartments have never been used as the Tet gift. And they prove to be very “useful”, because the expensive gifts would certainly satisfy the partners whose hearts the givers try to win. Especially, this is a way for real estate developer to clear their big inventories. In 2012, a lot of apartments were left unsold due to the economic downturn, which made people cancel their house purchase plan.

Compiled by Thu Uyen